Pre-employment drug testing is essential. When you are hiring new talent for your workplace, you want to ensure there are no issues that would possibly hinder their performance. That is when fast and accurate drug testing is essential. It is an excellent way to help improve employee productivity and morale, all while lowering absenteeism, downtime, turnover, accidents, and theft.

One of the most common types of testing performed is pre-employment drug testing. Company owners use it to protect themselves from any of the negative impacts associated with hiring drug users. This form of testing is generally performed after an offer of employment has been made. A negative drug test result is needed before a potential employee can start working. At Soteria Screening Laboratories, we offer a range of drug testing options for you to choose from. 

Three Reasons to Trust Lab Drug Testing 

It’s impossible to know everything about the new person you are hiring following the interview process. That is why pre-employment drug testing is so important. Here are a few reasons why you should trust lab drug testing like those offered from us here at Soteria Screening Laboratories for all your pre-employment screening needs. 

A Reliable and Accurate Testing Process 

When you are trying to determine if an employee or a new job applicant is using drugs, you have no room for any mistakes or errors. A lab test offers a thorough collection process and secure, non-negative testing procedures, all while providing you with dependable reporting options that you can rely on. 

Services That Are Tailored to your Business 

Drug testing needs to differ from one company to the next. While some may require ongoing testing based on the products or services they provide, others may not need lab drug testing as often. It’s essential to find a provider that will cater to your company’s specific needs. Soteria offers a broad range of testing options to make it easier to get the results you need quickly and efficiently. Whether you need urine drug testing regularly or require other types such as hair follicle testing or breath alcohol tests. 

The Convenience of a Local Lab 

Deciding where you want your company to conduct your lab testing is an important task. If you are looking for one that offers in-house testing, for example, its’ essential that you find one that has one or more locations nearby. At the same time, if you can perform onsite testing, you will want to work with a provider who is willing to come to you. Location convenience is another crucial factor that makes lab testing the better choice. 

Although pre-employment drug tests for employees is not always required, urine testing is mandated among all federally-regulated employers. That includes truck, bus, and taxi drivers, pilots, and railroad employees. The lower positivity rates with these and other similar positions are likely to result in a more predictable nature of testing programs throughout the country, which is excellent news for employers overall. 

Soteria Screening Laboratories is available to help with your federally mandated and other testing needs. We can help ensure that you have a drug free workplace that keeps you and all your employees safe and productive. 

Get Fast and Accurate Drug Test Results from Soteria

Are you ready to take charge of your company? The best way to start is by learning more about the new employees you hire. Random drug testing can help keep your employees drug free, and Soteria Screening Laboratories is here to help. Contact us today to start a company account.

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