Whether they have just started or are longtime workers, testing your employees for drug and alcohol use is a great way of maintaining an efficient workplace. There are many benefits to performing drug and alcohol tests, both to you and your employees. You might have a few questions about employment drug and alcohol tests, such as why they are important or which method of drug and alcohol testing is the best. 

1. Why Do a Pre Employment Drug Test? 

A pre employment drug test is great for employers and their employees. If an employee of a certain business uses drugs, they will prove to be unreliable in a variety of ways. Their work performance will be lowered due to slower cognition. They may have many absences due to their drug or alcohol use. Because of their drug or alcohol use, they will be prone to workplace accidents. The drug test results from a pre employment drug test will tell you whether or not your employees are reliable. By weeding out employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your other employees will no longer have to make up for their lack of work. 

2. Cheating a Drug and Alcohol Test Doesn’t Work 

When performing an alcohol or drug test, an employee may try to cheat. Fake urine can be sold locally and may appear to be a foolproof way of fooling drug or alcohol testers. The same goes for substituted urine from another human or even an animal. Not only will drug and alcohol testers know the urine is fake due to the lack of warmth, but they will be listening to the way the tester’s urine stream sounds. If a tester hears a person rustling around or pouring a fake test into their sample, they will know that the test taker is up to something. 

Some employees may try to drink large amounts of water to work the drugs or alcohol through their system more quickly before a test. Drinking large amounts of fluids before an alcohol or drug test will dilute the urine sample, but this does not mean all traces of drugs or alcohol will disappear. Laboratories can detect the tiniest trace of drugs and/or alcohol, meaning that this method will not provide negative drug test results.

3. Random Testing vs At-Home Testing

Certain employers will send tests home with their employees. Many do this because it is easier than having to conduct a random drug or alcohol test. The problem with at-home testing is that employees have more freedom to tamper with their test results. Random testing is a much better method of testing as it gives your employees no time to prepare. This means that they will not have time to attempt to cheat their results. 

Quick Pre Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing

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