Both laws and public opinion about some recreational drug use have changed in recent years. Specifically, cannabis legalization in many U.S. states has prompted widespread change in drug test policies for companies nationwide.

As of 2022, 37 states have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational use, with more expected to follow soon. This is a huge swing in policy in a short period of time, as Colorado and Washington state being the first states to adopt legalization in 2012.

However, while the majority of states in America have legalized cannabis, it has not been legalized on the federal level yet. This has created some inconsistencies in legal policies, as well as hiring policies. Federal employees are often still subject to marijuana testing, even if they live in a state where recreational use is legal.

But for private companies, the decision of whether to drug test employees or not is more complicated. Many big companies have elected to stop drug testing employees for various reasons. Read on to learn about some of the most notable big corporations that have abandoned drug tests.

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Companies That Have Abandoned Drug Test Policies

Some of America’s biggest corporations do not drug test their employees. However, this does not mean these companies do not have any drug policies whatsoever. As you will see, there are a few reasons why companies opt not to drug test. 

At the same time, most companies also still have strict rules regarding drug use and possession while working. Here are of the leading big-name companies that don’t drug test their employees:


Apple’s company policy stipulates that it cannot control what its employees do with their own free-time, nor do they intend to do so. This means the tech and software giant does not test for cannabis, alcohol, or other substances. 

However, the company does still have a firm drug policy during work hours. All Apple employees are forbidden from using, possessing, distributing, or being under the influence of drugs while at work.


Like Apple, Google does not drug test job applicants. However, Google does take a bit of a firmer stance against drug use than other companies on this list. 

While there are no regular drug tests for Google employees, the company will drug test employees if drug abuse is suspected. The company discourages heavy drug abuse in its Code of Conduct.


Like the other tech giants on this list, Microsoft does not believe in drug testing its employees. But Microsoft takes this leniency a step or two further than the others. 

Unlike Apple or Google, Microsoft offers no drug policy whatsoever. The company is more focused on job performance. 

However, heavy drug abuse can often lead to unhealthy and unproductive lifestyles, which can hinder job performance. So this policy should not be mistaken for Microsoft turning a blind eye to the well-being of its employees.


Some Walmart workers, like warehouse workers and truck drivers, are subject to drug tests if their positions are considered safety-sensitive. But the average Walmart store clerk is no longer subject to drug tests.

However, the company may still employ background checks on new hires, and also has a policy against using or being under the influence of drugs while working.

Company drug policies are complex and often require careful consideration to decide what’s right for your business. To learn more about creating your own company drug policy, read more about the subject from Soteria Screening Laboratories.

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