As you move through life, your health is bound to endure periods of change. This can be said for anyone, whether they’re frequently busy or live a slower-paced lifestyle. Many factors affect health, making routine wellness testing highly valuable. 

With an annual wellness test, you’ll not only gain greater insight into your state of health but your care provider will as well. Ultimately, this results in a more informed approach to your well-being. Here are four reasons wellness testing can prevent illness.

What is A Wellness Test? 

A wellness test, or check-up exam, is a form of preventative care. By routinely monitoring your health with your primary care provider, you can maintain your state of wellness and be updated on any health changes.  

Additionally, you should never wait until a health issue arises to visit your doctor. When you maintain a consistent rapport with your care provider, you can avoid any unexpected or life-threatening ailments. 

What Does A Wellness Test Look For? 

During a wellness test, it’s common to do an overall examination of one’s health. This will provide an in-depth overview of a patient’s health status. Wellness tests typically include the following: 

  • Routine physical examination 
  • Blood sugar and blood pressure vitals
  • Body mass index assessment (BMI)
  • The monitoring of hereditary health conditions
  • Updating shots or vaccinations
  • Recording lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise. 

After a wellness test, your primary care provider will follow up with an assessment. This offers an informative approach to routine health habits following the check-up.

4 Reasons Wellness Tests Prevent Illness

Our health often fluctuates with the ebb and flow of our lifestyle. In fact, many of us may be experiencing subtle health issues we’re not aware of. Take the first step by scheduling routine wellness tests with your primary care provider. 

Here are four reasons you should schedule routine wellness testing. 

1. You Can Stay Up To Date On Your Health

By scheduling routine wellness tests, you’ll gain personal and unique information regarding the status of your health. This means you won’t have to guess when it comes to your well-being. Not to mention, you’ll be more likely to live a lifestyle that coincides with your personal wellness needs.

2. Establish A Rapport With Your Doctor

Not only will you be more aware of your body, but your doctor will be, too. When your primary care provider has a current record of your health, they can monitor your wellness and be aware of any concerning changes. 

3. Follow A Personalized Health Regimen

With routine wellness tests, your health regimen will be current and relevant. This way, your doctor can prescribe a set standard of health practices for you to live by. This can include diet tips, supplements, medications, and exercise goals. 

4. Avoid Unexpected Health Issues

When you keep up with your health, your risk for illness will decrease. The combination of routine wellness tests, accurate health records, good habits, and professional medical care will allow you to avoid unexpected health issues.

How To Locate Wellness Testing

To get a jumpstart on your health, schedule a wellness test as soon with your primary care provider as soon as you can. They’ll most likely be able to provide an examination for you.

If, for some reason, your PCP is unable to do a wellness test, contact your insurance provider. They can provide an in-network directory of trusted medical professionals or wellness testing labs that are local and able to provide accurate testing. 

Private Wellness Testing With Soteria Drug Screening

Wellness testing is truly valuable to the longevity of your health. Why not undergo your routine wellness exam with a trusted health resource? With Soteria Drug Screening, you can access private and secure wellness appointments with ease.

To learn more, contact us today! We’ll schedule your first wellness test so you can get started at your earliest convenience.

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