Drug testing is a vital part of a company for many employers. Not only does drug testing ensure a safe workplace, but it ensures a better morale among workers. When an individual chooses to cheat on a drug test, they will go to many different lengths to ensure that their test comes back clean. You could have many employees using drugs in your company at this very moment. With these tips, you may be able to spot out the employees looking to cheat on their drug tests. 

Delaying Their Drug Test

An employee who is guilty of drug-use may consistently attempt to delay their drug test. This is due to a variety of reasons. For once, your employee may be attempting to drink large amounts of fluids to dilute their urine or “wash away” the drugs in their system. Others may be attempting to sweat the drugs from their system with a sauna detox. If your employee has asked to delay their drug test multiple times, you should have good reason to suspect that they might be delaying their test in order to pass. 

At Home Drug Test 

When asking your employees for an at-home drug test, you can be sure that some guilty employees will be trying many different methods to pass. The thing is, it is much easier for an employee to tamper with their results when they are at home. If an employee is read up enough and is careful, they can easily fake their results by using a variety of different methods at home. Some may use chemicals to alter the pH of their urine, while others may have another individual take the test for them. 

Visible Nerves 

For some employees, hiding the guilt of cheating their drug test may be more obvious than they think. A guilty employee may show restlessness when discussing their test or turning it in. They may even pace while you investigate the results. The employee may be uncharacteristically irritable as a result of their worries. Your employee might even show impatience to hear back about their test, as they want to be able to confirm that they have passed.

Concealed Contaminants 

If not watched, employees can easily conceal forms of cheating on their person. Hats, jackets, briefcases, purses, and bags can all contain fake or substituted urine. Your employees could even be desperate enough to create a contraption to wear on their person. A person looking to cheat on their drug test could also sneak in a fake or substituted sample into the office, in the testing area itself, or even in places like the ceiling. 

How Long a Test Takes

If you are testing your employee in-office and they are taking a long while to finish their test, they may be tampering with the results. This means the employee might be swapping the results with fake or substitute urine. An employee could also be using water from a sink faucet to dilute their sample or could even be attempting to use soap to tamper with the results. Even by listening, you might be able to hear your employee rustling about to tamper with their sample or locate the substitute urine they have hidden. 

A Drug Testing Method You Can Trust 

Despite all of the ways an employee can cheat on a drug test, the good thing is that skilled laboratories know what to look for when a test has been faked or tampered with. Our laboratories are home to skilled workers with an advanced understanding of drug tests and all of the ways they can be altered. We understand how important it is to ensure that your company is drug-free and will use our expertise to help ensure that your employees are free of drugs.

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