Generally, the life of an HR employee involves ensuring the proper running of the workplace. This includes overseeing the recruiting, hiring, training, and firing of all employees. Additionally, HR workers are also responsible for the safety of all those employed at your company. In order to maximize employee safety, it has become standard practice to require employees to submit to pre-employment and routine drug testing. But what should you, as an HR worker, do when you find yourself presented with a positive drug test?

Today, we at Soteria Drug Screening are listing our 5 tips to consider when dealing with a failed drug test in the workplace. We share how these tips can help you create a safer working environment for all of your employees. 

Importance of Requiring Work Drug Tests

Drug tests in the workplace are so important as they ensure that the employees you hire are of the highest quality. They let you know an employee can perform their jobs without risk to themselves, other employees, or company property. When drug-related accidents or incidents occur, not only will your company be liable for any damages that took place. It will also have to recover from a tainted reputation. By requiring drug tests, the likelihood of alcohol or drug-related incidents and a damaged reputation decrease significantly. 

HR Tips To Consider When Faced With a Failing Drug Test

The following tips can help business owners and HR employees know the proper course of action when receiving a failed drug test:

1. Pre-Employment and Routine Drug Tests Require Different Responses

Usually, when an incoming employee fails a drug test, they are simply denied employment with no opportunity to challenge the results. However, the case of a long-time employee failing a drug test is different. They have a chance to undergo sobriety training and other classes until they can submit a negative test.

2. State Laws Protect Legal Cannabis Patients

The guidelines surrounding workplace drug tests become a little more complicated when the failed test results from an employee with a legal marijuana prescription. In most instances, employees with cannabis prescriptions are not required to submit tests that check for marijuana. (State’s specific laws pertaining to the issue should be observed.)

3. Some States Allow Employees To Challenge Failed Tests

Depending on the laws of your state, an employee with a failed drug test may be given the opportunity to challenge their initial results. However, they must, of course, be able to immediately take another test that ultimately turns up negative. If they receive another positive result, they will not receive employment, or they will be fired from their current position. 

4. Alcohol Tests Can Be Misleading

Tests that check specifically for alcohol can be misleading. This is due to the fact that the effects of alcohol last for a much shorter duration of time than other substances. But they can nonetheless lead to a positive drug test. In other words, a weekend night of partying can cause an employee to fail an alcohol drug test that takes place the following Monday. Thus, when administering drug tests that check for alcohol, it is always important to use additional scrutiny. 

5. You Can Always Give The Employee a Second Chance With Management Approval

What if a long-time employee with an excellent track record suddenly produces a failed drug test You may want to consider approaching the situation differently than you would an incoming employee. Does the employee appear to be of sound mind and body? Then it’s recommended to discuss your options with your manager to discover a better solution than termination. Such solutions may involve giving the employee the opportunity to get clean before taking another test. Another solution is facilitating a sobriety program for them to complete before returning to work.

Soteria Screening Laboratories: Hire With Confidence

Ensuring that your job is safe and drug-free is imperative for the proper functioning of your company. And, with these HR tips for managing a positive drug test, you are much better prepared for handling alcohol or substance abuse issues in the workplace. 

To learn more about the all-inclusive drug testing solutions offered by Soteria Drug Screening, please do not hesitate to reach out today!

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