Background checks are an important part of the hiring process that can indicate an applicant’s work performance. A background check may reveal an applicant’s criminal record, but this is not a just or ethical premise to deny that candidate. Just because a job candidate has a criminal record does not mean they will be a poor fit for the job. Applicants with criminal records may have proven how they can overcome adversity and developed a strong work ethic. This article will explain three reasons why you should not reject an applicant just because they have a criminal record. 

1. Background Checks are a Look into the Past

Not hiring a person just because they have a criminal record is a form of discrimination. Doing so could get you into a lot of trouble. The only time this is ethical is when their criminal record directly correlates to the job they are applying for. Applicants with a criminal record may feel extremely lucky to be in the position to apply in the first place. In return, they could become very loyal and hardworking employees who are less likely to quit. These employees can give your workforce a new perspective and bring diversified talent to the job that they gained through their experiences. 

2. It Is the Right Thing to Do

An applicant’s criminal record is not a valid reason not to hire them. If you have completed the pre-hiring process, such as interviewing and administering a pre-employment drug test, and you feel you have found the right candidate for your position, then their criminal record should not play a role in your decision. 

It can be extremely difficult for those with a criminal record to get re-acclimated into society. This is especially true after a jail or prison sentence. Many people lose opportunities to rebuild their lives and may be grateful for any chance they are given.

Unless their criminal record is a proven liability to your profession, not hiring somebody just because they have a criminal record is wrong. 

3. They are No Longer Criminals Despite Criminal Records on Background Checks

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to distinguish former criminals from their past lives as criminals. Just because somebody has a criminal record doesn’t mean they’re the same person. That’s where the interview process plays such an important role in determining work ethic and motivation. 

If you trust an applicant’s work ethic and motivation but are only deterred because of their criminal record, you should remember that most no longer want to be associated with criminal tendencies and that is why they are trying to get a legal job. Many former criminals understand they have paid for their wrongdoings and just want to be integrated back into society. 

Again, the process for choosing the best candidate for a position should come down to employee interviews and other precursors for future performance. If an applicant with a criminal record has the best resume and job credentials, you should not choose somebody else just to avoid hiring somebody with a criminal record. 

Performing background checks on applicants is a common and practical part of the pre-employment process. Soteria Screening Laboratories perform in-depth background checks to ensure the integrity of your workplace. Skipping the background check process puts your company and employees at risk. Contact Soteria Screening Laboratories at (202) 679-6670 to find out how background checks can help your company. 

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