Drug tests are often commonplace when it comes to starting a new job or if an accident occurs while at work. One of the most commonly used and tested drugs is marijuana. Of course, this can make users worried if they have a drug test coming up. Ultimately, it can lead to them looking for solutions. All kinds of things can be found on the internet that claim to help a person weed detox. Continue reading to find out about commonly used weed detox methods and whether they are actually effective.

Commonly Used Methods of Weed Detox

A commonly advertised method of weed detox is detox drinks. Several companies out there make drinks that they claim help to detox THC from the system. In many cases, these are just drinks that act as a diuretic to make the person urinate in an attempt to clean the system.

These are really hit or miss on whether they will work. But, chances are if the person is a regular user, then it will likely not fake the test. There are also detox pills that claim to do a similar thing.

Some home remedies are flaunted to help people pass drug tests as well. One such method is to drink lemon juice, mint, and water. This is said to help eliminate toxins in the body and speed up metabolism. Potentially, this can flush out marijuana in the system. Yet, this is unlikely actually to work for those who are frequent or recent users.

Moreover, cranberry juice is another recommended method to help reduce THC in the system. Although this is again mostly related to cranberry juice being a diuretic, more urination could possibly help clear THC faster. It would take a lot of cranberry juice and time to fully clean out a heavy user.

Sometimes, cranberry juice will be combined with some sort of THC cleanse drink in an attempt to boost the effects.

Do Any of These Methods Actually Help in Detoxing From Weed?

There are thousands of searches for how to detox from weed every day because of people trying to pass drug tests for jobs or probation. There are also numerous methods of apparent weed detox, but the above and any additionals are not a quick fix in most cases.

Realistically, if a heavy amount is used or the person uses it frequently, it can take some time to clear the system. It will also depend on the type of drug test used. This is because some methods may be able to get enough out for a urine test. However, a hair test can detect farther back and finer traces.

If a person has a drug test coming up, then the best bet is just not to use weed in the first place. Ultimately, this is the only sure method of being able to pass a drug test.

Looking for Accurate and Reliable Drug Testing?

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