At the moment, there are over 775,000 total cases of Coronavirus in the United States. More than 24,000 in the United States have unfortunately lost their lives because of this pandemic. During this time, employers are still hiring new employees. Soteria Screening Laboratories hopes to share information that will help you stay safe during this time.

If you are an employer, we can also keep your new hirees safe. Soteria Screening Laboratories offers testing in clean conditions. We have over 10,000 facilities throughout the United States, each of which follows the hygiene guidelines put forth by the CDC. 

What Is Coronavirus? 

Coronavirus comes from a family of viruses that cause illnesses.  These illnesses can range from mild colds to severe diseases, like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. There is currently no vaccine for Coronavirus. While some say the vaccine will arrive before fall, other public health experts say that it is impossible to determine when the vaccine will be completed. The best way to prevent Coronavirus is by understanding how it spreads

How Coronavirus Spreads 

Coronavirus mainly spreads from person-to-person through droplets. This means that each time an infected person coughs or sneezes, they are projecting droplets into the air. If you are not six feet away from others, you could inhale these droplets. These droplets also survive on surfaces, so it is very important to wash your hands.

When washing your hands, make sure that you use soap and water. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds (or two verses of “Happy Birthday”). If you have hand sanitizer, ensure that it contains 60% alcohol. Hand sanitizer is great for keeping germ-free on the go, but it should not be a replacement for washing your hands. 

Socially distancing yourself from others is another great way to avoid Coronavirus. When you practice social distancing, you avoid large crowds and maintain at least 6 feet away from other people. When you go out, it is advised to wear a cloth mask. 

Symptoms of Coronavirus

If you are coughing, feverish, overly tired, or having difficulty breathing, you may have Coronavirus. Unfortunately, this is the season where many of us get sick from other causes or experience allergies. Even so, this is no excuse to ignore your symptoms. If you are an essential business, Soteria Screening Laboratories recommends that you have employees check their temperatures before coming into work each day. Employees that have any form of Coronavirus symptom should stay home, contact their doctor, and quarantine. 

How Soteria Screening Laboratories Can Help 

Despite Coronavirus, some of us must resume our businesses. For many business owners, this means that you are still hiring and screening new employees. Sending your potential employees to a drug-testing facility for a pre employment drug test in this climate can be dangerous. Fortunately, Soteria Screening Laboratories offers quick testing in clean conditions. Each of our facilities strictly follows the CDC’s guidelines on cleanliness and safety. We will quickly get your new hiree in and out of our facility for their pre-employment drug test. The results of their test will be quickly processed and sent to you. 

A company account with Soteria Screening Laboratories will provide discounted drug and alcohol tests, secure electronic record-keeping, real-time status updates of your tests, and a simple way to conduct randomized DOT and non-DOT drug tests. Soteria Screening Laboratories wishes you the best. We hope that you stay safe and healthy during these difficult times! For more information on our services, visit our website or call us at (202) 679-6670.

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