From quick examinations to thorough investigations, there are a variety of background checks, each of which verify different information. These checks help ensure that a company is considering the right person for a position. Here are nine background checks that allow a company to learn more about the candidates applying to work for them.

Credit Checks

Credit checks verify an applicant’s financial history. It is common to request background checks when people apply for a lease, utility service, loan, or credit card.

When a company makes a credit inquiry, they will receive a copy of the applicant’s credit report from the credit bureau. Credit reports give information on current and past credit, payment habits, and types of loans. Companies will use the report to evaluate whether an applicant is capable of making payments on time or if they can pay back borrowed money.

A Soft Pull occurs when you or an employer checks your credit score; this will not affect your credit score.

A Hard Pull occurs when an individual is making a credit inquiry; this affects your credit score.

Criminal Record Checks

A criminal background check can analyze an applicant’s criminal history. Employers tend to use criminal histories during pre-employment to determine if the applicant is right for the position. The National Police Checking Service (NPCS) is in charge of executing these, as well as to identify prior arrests, records of incarceration, court orders, sex offenses, and felony/misdemeanor offenses.

Drug Screenings

Drug screenings are an evaluation of urine, blood, breath, hair, or other types of biological samples. These samples are examined to identify a variety of drugs, such as alcohol, marijuana, and narcotics. These screenings are typically conducted during pre-employment or as random checks to identify drug abuse.

Education/Certification Verifications

While many applicants bluff about their education and certifications, employers can identify who is actually capable of holding a position. Education Verification confirms the type of degree, certifications, and credits an applicant has earned, as well as the dates of completion. Employers use these during pre-employment screening to identify if an applicant’s resume is legitimate to registrars.

Employment History

Verifying previous employment is important when selecting candidates, and employment verification can ensure an applicant’s future performance. These are performed by contacting past employers for detailed information on an applicant.

Motor Vehicle Checks

Motor vehicle checks occur to prove if an applicant can operate a motor vehicle or owns a motor vehicle. Through this check, employers can determine if the applicants ID and vehicle are valid. Motor vehicle checks can also be another form of criminal background check, as they can reveal prior tickets, license suspensions, and other related offenses. To obtain this information, it will be necessary to contact the local DMV.

Reference Checks

Reference checks are often used to determine an applicants credibility, as well as understand their work attitude and ethics. These references typically include past coworkers, friends, family, neighbors, and teachers. The employer can contact these individuals to receive feedback about the applicant.

Social Security Number Verifications

Employers need to understand who theyre hiring, and doing a social security number (SSN) verification can help legitimize an applicant’s identity. By providing an SSN, employers can verify name and address. Many employers like this method since it enables them to verify basic information about an individual.

Social Media and Internet Checks

With social media on the rise, its becoming increasingly common for employers to research their applicants on popular social media platforms. People tend to communicate freely on social media, believing their actions on social media will not affect their daily lives. By researching their applicants, employers can determine if an applicant’s online personality is acceptable for the company culture.

Soteria is affiliated with the National Crime Search, Inc., a nationwide provider for background checks. They can provide on-site inspections and conduct background checks through the country and federal criminal records, national sex offender registry, and national criminal database. Soteria can also provide social security numbers, addresses, and employment verification. If you require a background screening, contact Soteria Screening Laboratories at (202)679-6670 or at Or visit Soterias national criminal database to conduct your own.

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