When working for the Department of Transportation (DOT), a DOT physical exam will likely be a requirement. This protocol is essential for DOT jobs and is a crucial component of employee safety and the safety of the general public.

Without a physical exam, the DOT would risk hiring employees that are limited in their job performance, resulting in possible injuries, accidents, and more. Here’s who needs a DOT physical exam and how to best prepare for one. 

How to Locate a Physical Exam Near Me

For those taking part in a DOT regulated industry, a physical exam will be crucial. And so is locating a practitioner that can issue one! If you’re on the hunt for a practice that can issue your physical exam, try searching up ‘physical exam near me’ to find local results. 

Or, take some time to check in with your insurance. They likely have a website directory that can help you locate an in-network practitioner to issue your exam. This way, you can avoid paying out of pocket. 

What Types of Jobs Require DOT Physical Exams?

When it comes to DOT physical exams, most employees taking the test work for state transportation systems. It’s essential for physical examinations to take place in order to ensure those operating vehicles or machinery are deemed fit to operate. Those required to take a DOT physical exam include:

  • Individuals responsible for hazardous material transport
  • Individuals licensed to drive vehicles with a capacity of 15 or more passengers
  • Individuals licensed to drive vehicles with a capacity of 8 or more passengers
  • Individuals who operate vehicles with a gross weight of 10,000 lbs or more

For these jobs, safety is of the utmost importance. Between hazardous material transport to public transportation, making sure safety protocols are intact is in the best interest of all parties. 

Who Can Issue A DOT Physical Examination? 

Taking part in a DOT physical exam is crucial to an employee’s ability to work. This is why going to the right practitioner can help streamline the process. Those responsible for issuing these exams typically include: 

  • Medical Doctors (MD)
  • Osteopathy Doctors (DO)
  • Physician’s Assistants (PA)
  • Chiropractic Doctors (DC)
  • And Advanced Practice Nurses (APN)

Can You Prepare For A DOT Physical Exam? 

If you or someone you know is anticipating an upcoming DOT physical exam, showing up prepared is important! Preparation ensures you have everything you need for your examination when the time comes. 

For your DOT physical exam, you can prepare by gathering the following: 

  • A list of your doctors and their contact information
  • A list of your medications and the dosages
  • Any visual or hearing aids you use, including glasses, contacts, or hearing devices
  • A record of your blood health from your doctor
  • A letter from a cardiologist or neurologist approving you to drive if you experience heart or brain ailments
  • Any available heart tests
  • A doctor’s approval for any other sensory or physical limitations

In general, providing this information at your physical will provide deeper insight into your state of health. It also ensures you don’t suffer from any ailments that might hinder your ability to fulfill your job requirements safely. 

High Standard Physical Exams With Soteria Drug Screening

Upholding a higher standard of safety is critical, especially when working in industries that service the general public. This is why Soteria Drug Screening offers quality physical exams for safety-sensitive environments.   

We can also provide a variety of other services for your business. Whether you need a drug screening, background check, or physical exam, we’re here to help. To learn more, contact us, and we’ll come up with a personalized, effective service that fits perfectly for your company’s needs.

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