Drug testing kits are designed to showcase the presence of prescription or illegal drugs in urine. Most kits indicate that they will react to marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamine, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, methadone, ecstasy, oxycodone, and tricyclic antidepressants. Finding a drug testing kit is as easy as walking into a drug store, but do they work?

The allure of a drug testing kit is that you can screen for drug abuse from the comfort of your home within minutes. A drug testing kit might seem like the quickest route for preparing for a medical procedure, job screening, or testing a family member, employee, or a tenant. However, it’s crucial to understand the reliability of these drug test kits before holding stock in their discovery.

Why Would I Need a Drug Testing Kit?

If you are preparing for a medical procedure, drug screening is often a way to indicate whether an adverse interaction will occur. Since most people don’t memorize prescription names and their compatible medications, it’s beneficial to consult with a drug screen to provide this information.

Drug screening is also an excellent way to reduce employee costs, improve productivity, and keep your employment area a drug-free zone. Therefore, the adverse reaction would be warding off a positive recreational result. Regardless of the legality of a substance, many occupations do not approve of on-site substance abuse. Please speak to your future employer about their expectations before adhering to workplace infractions.

Maybe you struggle with a family member’s drug use and desire options for drug testing at home. In these circumstances, administering a drug kit without a professional opinion might cause more harm than good. As a qualitative test, kits can point out an illegal substance but not clarify how much or when the usage occurred. It’s also vital to confirm what particular drug you are testing for and learn when it would show up on a test. Then you must be able to firmly trust in the reliability of the test to protect your loved ones.

Are Drug Testing Kits an Option That I Can Trust?

The short answer is yes and no. What that means is that these testing kits are generally very sensitive to certain drugs. However, there are instances when this type of at-home screening is inaccurate. Are you willing to take the chance?

Drug screening is a complex scientific process. There are presumptive positives that tend to be from certain foods, food supplements, prescription medications, or even beverages. Inaccurate test results can happen from how you administered the test or how you stored the test or urine.

Before utilizing a drug testing kit, you must know when the substance abuse occurred and factor in metabolic rates to presume the accuracy of the test. If you believe that someone is abusing drugs, it’s crucial to adhere to these drug testing guidelines to obtain accurate results.

If you plan to be an arbiter of a drug screening, in the case of a tenant or employee, know that over-the-counter drugs can and will show positive drug results. The only way to confirm or deny illegal substance abuse is by taking your results to a laboratory.

Drug Testing Kit Vs. Laboratory Testing

Drug testing kits given correctly, at the precise time, have a chance of working. The only way to confirm a preliminary result is to have a sample tested at a lab. Trained professionals understand how to administer and read results with 100% accuracy. If you are interested in a convenient, affordable, and practical drug screening option, request assistance from Sotiria Screening Laboratories today. Corporate accounts and business bundles are available to keep your workforce safe and productive.

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