Drug testing potential new employees is a great idea for companies. It helps to eliminate applicants who may not be a good fit or could be a liability for the business. However, drug testing can vary and which test a business chooses often depends on how thorough and accurate the company wants to be. Different methods for drug testing can vary in accuracy. Continue reading to find out what the most accurate drug testing method is.

Types of Drug Screening

There are four main types of drug tests. Each has its pros and cons. Here are the four types:

Urine Screens

Most companies require a urine screen as part of the pre-employment process. In fact, around 90% of companies use urine screens. These tests can detect marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, and opiates. Urine screens are often the most efficient test for companies because the sample is easy to collect and it is an approved method of testing under federal guidelines. One drawback to urine screening is that some people will attempt to tamper with the results by diluting or replacing their sample, which can lead to false negatives. However, tampering is difficult because the sample is often checked for temperature and pH levels to ensure it is legitimate.

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing can be an appealing option for employers, as it is fast and easy to collect the sample onsite. For instance, saliva testing can detect very recent uses of drugs, whereas other drug tests can detect drug use in the past. The downside to saliva testing is that it will only detect substance use within the past couple of days, which means that it may not weed out habitual users.

Hair Testing

Hair drug testing is a good option for detecting a longer history of drug use, picking up on substances that are no longer present in urine. Employers can get a lab to conduct hair testing onsite. One drawback to hair testing is that because hair takes some time to grow, it will not typically detect recent substance use. Hair testing will not detect drug use within the past few days.

Blood Testing

Blood tests are the most accurate form of drug screening but they are also the most invasive method. The job applicant will have to go to a lab to have blood drawn, after which it will be tested by a lab. While these factors make blood testing a less attractive option for speed and efficiency, it can detect both recent and past use of alcohol, amphetamine, opiates, and THC weeks after drug use..

Onsite or Lab Testing

While onsite sample collection or testing can be an appealing option for speed, some state and local laws require that testing be done at a lab. Be sure to look into your local laws before using certain methods of testing.

Looking for Accurate Drug Testing Method for Your Company?

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