Saliva testing is a simple and  non-invasive method used for detecting various types of drugs. Also referred to as a mouth swab test, a saliva drug test collects saliva from inside the individual’s mouth by swabbing the area. This is a popular screening option for many business owners because it is less expensive than other options. These tests are also easy to administer. Collectors retrieve samples on-site, making them a fast and efficient choice for many industries. 

Many company owners have questions about saliva drug tests. It’s important they find out more about this convenient screening method. It is a fast and reliable resource that can help end problems quickly. There are also many other benefits to the popular form of employee drug screening. 

Saliva Drug Test Facts 

Saliva drug tests check for illegal drug use within the last few days. Substances detected by saliva tests include marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines, methamphetamine, and cocaine. But these tests can detect many other types of drugs. They include common prescriptions used to treat mental conditions like panic attacks or anxiety. 

The donors collect their own samples under direct supervision of a trained collector. The donor then places the collection pad between their gum and lower cheek. Once the pad becomes saturated, the sample goes in a vial that’s sealed securely. The process takes around five minutes to complete. And it is also difficult to challenge since the donor performs the test themselves. 

The saliva drug test detection times vary based on the substance. That’s because alcohol and various drugs will stay in the user’s system for different amounts of time. Saliva drug testing can detect the use of drugs approximately 30 to 60 minutes following ingestion. This time frame makes a good screening choice for reasonable suspicion or post accident testing needs. 

Marijuana will stay in your system for 24 to 72 hours while alcohol can be detected from 1 to 5 days after use. Opioids will only stay in your system between 24 to 36 hours. Methamphetamine  can be detected between 1 and 4 days while amphetamine is in a user’s system between 1 and 5 days. 

If an employee takes prescription medication for a health condition, they should disclose this information to the test collector prior to the saliva test.  This can help prevent any issues related to failed drug tests. 

When to Use a Saliva Drug Test 

Saliva drug tests are often used by employers when hiring new employees. But there are also other times when they may be used. Some industries may conduct additional drug tests after hiring an employee. If someone is offered a promotion with more responsibilities, a mouth swab test may be needed. There are also some companies that use saliva drug tests when they believe an employee may be under the influence while on the job. They can also request a test following a recent on-site accident or injury. 

These are known as For Cause Drug Tests.  A company can require an employee to provide a saliva test sample when the employer has cause to believe the employee was using drugs. This all depends on the company policy and local state laws your business must adhere to.

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