With how important passing a drug test can be, many people want to find any way possible to pass. This has led to detox myths about tricking drug tests by flushing out contaminated urine with other substances.

Detox for Drug Test: 4 Common Detox Myths

As long as drug tests have existed, attempts to detox for drug tests have as well. Do you think you need to detox for drug test? The only way to truly pass a drug test is to have not taken drugs for a long enough time. Here are some common myths debunked!

1. “Exercising Before a Test Leads to Passing Results”

Drugs can remain in fat tissue for months after use. If a heavy enough person’s given enough time and effort to exercise, it is theoretically possible to alter these levels. However, in the time most people have to prepare, it’s pretty much impossible to sweat out drugs for a test.

2. “Drinking Extra Water Before Testing”

Drinking extra water before a drug test can potentially dilute the resulting urine, but it also raises a red flag. It’s much worse to be caught cheating on a drug test as opposed to failing one.

Most drug tests today also track levels of creatine, a chemical byproduct of the digestion process. If urine is diluted, creatine levels will be as well, which is a sign to test the sample more extensively.

3. “Home Remedies Can Help”

Many searches will reveal different home remedies that promise clean drug test results. All of these home remedies have not been proven or verified in a clinical setting, any results are purely anecdotal.

In addition, for most of these remedies to be effective, they will often create other chemical byproducts in the urine. These could lead to inconclusive results and lead to retesting being required.

4. “Eating Poppy Seeds Can Lead to a False Positive”

This one has a kernel of truth to it: poppy seeds do contain a very small amount of opiates. However, in most tests (especially 2000-ng/ml and above), the amount is negligible to impact detection.

What to Know About a Weed Detox Drink

As one of the more common drugs used and tested for, several brands of weed detox drink promise clean tests. However, unregulated detox drinks and similar detox cleanse brands possess their own risks to use (if they work at all).

Many of these drinks rely on a large volume of fluid to dilute the urine sample. As discussed above, this can impact the creatine levels in the sample and lead to retesting. This will also require them to be drunk in a relatively large volume to effectively dilute the sample.

Some drinks promise to chemically mask the presence of THC or otherwise alter the chemical in the urine. These promises are rarely backed up with any sort of tests, and if they are, they’re often anecdotal.

While these weed detox drinks make big promises, they typically lack FDA-approval or transparent test results to prove their efficiency. Generally, they’re a big gamble that can, in the best-case scenario, leads to retesting anyway. In most cases, the best detox solution is time. If you smoke less than daily, THC levels should reduce after about 3 to 5 days. If you smoke daily, it might potentially take longer.

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