When hiring employees for your company, you as an employer, want the best individuals possible for the role. After all, incompetent employees can negatively affect your company’s overall performance and reputation in the eyes of the public. Many employers incorporate extensive hiring processes in order to separate the good from the bad in terms of quality workers. However, the only way to ensure that the employees you hire are competent and morally astute is with background checks. Also, background checks can provide you with a wide variety of benefits in the overall operations of your company.

Ensures Quality Hires

When employers require background checks for incoming employees, they ensure that they are qualified for the role. For example, a background check can determine whether the information is true or false in a resume with extensive qualifications. Furthermore, background checks can make employers aware of an applicant’s past job performance. If they were fired for not being productive enough, they are obviously not the right fit for your company.

Safety of Employees and Customers

In the event that an employer hires an employee with a history of sexual harassment or workplace violence, they are liable for any damages done to other employees or customers by that employee. In most cases where an employer did not do a background check, they simply did not know of the employee’s problematic past. However, background checks detect such offenses. Employers can maximize workplace safety by choosing another applicant with a clean background check.

Safeguards Company Reputation

Most employers will agree that they do not want their company represented by incompetent, and, in some cases, criminal employees. For example, if your company provides products or services to children, employing an individual who has committed violent crimes or sexual assault in the past could be worthy of a scandal. As a result, this can negatively affect how the public views your company. Therefore, employers can avoid such undesirable workers by conducting a background check on employees.

Background checks actually work to improve your company’s reputation. They allow you to hire employees with excellent reputations themselves. Also, we don’t need to tell you that a team of competent and qualified individuals makes a good company even more remarkable.

Prevents Criminal Activity

Today, including a criminal background check in the hiring process is imperative for hiring quality employees. When adding a new employee to your team, you want to have a well-developed understanding of precisely what type of individual they are, and this includes being aware of a past history of criminal activity. It’s true that most offenders deserve a second chance. However, it’s up to you as an employer to decide whether that chance should involve your company, property, and employees. A background check detects any crimes related to theft, embezzlement, sexual assault, or workplace violence. Therefore, when presented with a job application for an individual guilty of one of these crimes, it’s best to continue searching for employees that do not hold a criminal record.

Soteria Screening Laboratories

Your company’s reputation is on the line when you hire employees who are not qualified for their position. Furthermore, you risk the safety of your employees and workplace when you hire dangerous offenders. By conducting background checks with Soteria Screening Laboratories, you are making a lasting investment into the longevity of your company’s success by only hiring those who are qualified and not in possession of a criminal record.

While it may seem easier to judge for yourself whether an applicant is right for your company, our extensive background checking makes it so you can hire with absolute confidence.

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