In the past few decades, employers have begun requiring all employees to submit to pre-employment and routine drug and alcohol testing. This is in order to promote a positive and safe working environment. When it comes to pre-employment drug testing, there is often nothing more a prospective employee can do to avoid being denied employment after receiving a positive result on their drug test. However, in the event that a long-time employee submits to a drug test and fails, the situation becomes a little more complicated. 

When one of your previously drug-free employees fails a drug test, you should approach the situation with extreme caution and care. This is important because with the right disciplinary actions, you could save their life. To learn how you as an employer can help save your employees from drug addiction after receiving a failed drug test, keep reading. 

Alcohol Testing Goes Further Than Just The Hiring Process

Employers often choose to drug test their employees in order to ensure that the workplace remains safe and drug-free for everyone. When it comes to drug testing in the workplace, there are usually two different approaches taken by employers. The employer will could require a one-time drug test before finalizing the hiring process. Or, they may require routine tests conducted randomly after an employee passes the initial test. Either way, the ultimate goal is to filter out those who abuse substances. Employers can’t have employees who could potentially risk damaging company property or harming another employee. 

The purpose of drug testing in the workforce is to determine which employees are indeed drug-free. Routine testing can also help discover if any long-time workers have begun using drugs. Depending on that specific employee’s reputation, you could offer them help. Help could include suspension and drug counseling rather than simply firing them and potentially worsening their addiction. 

Drug Test Employees and Give Those Who Fail a Chance To Rebuild Their Lives

In regards to drug testing incoming employees, there is little more that can be done when they receive a failed test result. Clearly, they are not the high quality candidate that you’ve been searching for. However, it’s different when a loyal and otherwise outstanding employee fails a drug test. You can give them the opportunity to get back on the right path. 

Truthfully, you never know what occurs in the everyday private lives of your employees. When an employee submits a failed drug test, they could be experiencing severe emotional distress that led them to begin using drugs. Firing them entirely from their source of income could potentially cause them to spiral and begin using even harder drugs. Instead, you should extend out a helping hand. 

When faced with this type of situation, first have a private conversation with the employee and determine the route of the issue. Then, make them aware of the dangers that using drugs while in the workplace poses to their coworkers and company property. Next, end the discussion by telling them that they must undergo substance abuse rehabilitation. If not, their employment at your company will be terminated immediately. 

Always remember that every case of drug abuse is different. If you handle the situation correctly, you could potentially save the life of your struggling employee. 

Keep Your Employees Safe With Soteria

Drug testing in the workplace not only ensures that the employees you hire do not use drugs. It also ensures that current employees remain safe and drug free as well. By addressing every failed drug test by long-term employees with additional care, you may even save them from the hard, lonely, and deadly life of substance abuse. 

To help you keep your workplace safe and free of drugs, we at Soteria Drug Screening offer drug and alcohol testing services to companies and businesses. With our services, you can guarantee a safer and more efficient workplace that is devoid of dangerous substances. 

If you’re interested in our drug testing services, reach out to us today!

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