A background check is a process in which an employer investigates a potential employee. The goal of this process is to confirm that a person is who he or she claims to be. There are many aspects of a candidates background that may be checked. Some of these include criminal record, employment history, education, and more.

Employers usually hire a separate consumer reporting agency (CRA) that will assess the background of a person pre-employment. The CRAs, with the guidance of the employer, are in charge of conducting background checks.

Find the right CRA and receive permission from the candidate

A CRA is essentially a third-party background check company that verifies a candidates identity. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA) has specific rules that govern how an employer can request a background check for a candidate through a CRA. CRAs must comply with FRCA, which controls the dissemination of consumer credit information.

Upon finding a legitimate CRA, the employer will decide what type of background check they would like to conduct. Background checks vary, as one job position may have a different type of background check than another.

Job candidates, upon applying for their desired position, must sign releases allowing the employer to conduct a background check. This consent form should clearly state that the background checks are for employment purposes only. It should detail the measures and process by which information about the person will be acquired.

Certain aspects go under investigation

Employers dictate the aspects of a candidates background that they would like investigated. Background checks can be extensive or relatively brief, depending on the job position. Candidates for jobs involving cash handling may force an employer to have the CRA document their credit history.

Criminal background checks are common for most job positions. In this case, CRAs will sift through public records and see if a candidate has any charges or convictions.

Verifying work experience and professional references that candidates provide on resumes is also a popular thing CRAs check. They will not hesitate to contact former employers to validate certain information found on a candidates resume. Also, student records and academic achievements, and certifications will be scrutinized.

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of features that may be investigated by CRAs. Motor vehicle records and state identifications may be analyzed. Drug tests may also be a part of the background check to ensure that the candidate does not use illicit substances.

It may take a while

The background check process often cannot be completed overnight. It may take a few days or weeks to compile all the necessary information. CRAs have to obtain information from multiple sources, such as former employers and academic institutions.

The background check process must be done diligently. Therefore, employers should understand that CRAs must not rush the process.

Do not always trust online background check companies

There is an increasing number of online database background check companies that can perform a check instantly. To do this, they simply pull up and organize records that are available publicly. They do not bring up other essential, up-to-date information about the potential employee. Furthermore, it may seem like an effective timesaver, but most online sites are not precise or valid.

The process comes to an end eventually

Once the entire background check has been conducted and the employer decides to hire the candidate, the process is complete. Employers may find out something about a candidate during a background check that prevents them from hiring them. The employer should then provide an adverse action notice to inform the candidate that they will not be moving forward with them.

Background checks can help employers to find quality employees. Soteria Screening helps clients find a cost-effective and efficient background screening solution. For more information, please reach out to Soteria Screening Laboratories today.

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