The COVID-19 outbreak changed the traditional employment landscape as we knew it. Many companies shifted their operations to remote work or telecommuting during the pandemic. The assumption was that things would go back to normal after the health crisis. Instead, remote work became the new normal. 

Remote work does not seem to hurt productivity and offers flexibility for those who work from home. Some employees cite better focus and more workspace as their reasons to go into the office. However, the majority of employees have discovered a new work/life balance with remote work over the last two years. They’ve settled into it. The trend is expected to continue into the post-pandemic world but as a remote/hybrid model. This means some employees would work remotely while others would work on-site. Within this structure, some teams or departments would split between working remotely and working in-house. The industry and essential job functions would help guide the model. 

So, what does this uptick in the number of remote/hybrid employees mean for a drug-free workplace? It definitely adds a layer of complexity. The fact of the matter is that drug abuse has long been a problem in many working environments in the United States. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, about 14.8 million Americans use illegal drugs and about 70% are employees. These numbers are staggering.  

Workplace substance abuse can lead to decreased productivity, high turnover, higher accident rates, increased physical injuries, and fatalities. It can also damage a company’s reputation.  Because of this, companies want to mitigate their risks. Drug testing has been a viable solution. With the increase in remote and/or teleworking employees, new adaptations to the traditional methods of drug testing need to be made. 

Employees Know How To Cheat A Drug Test, Get A Step Ahead With These Tips

Companies are using video interviewing technology for job candidates, virtual meeting platforms, and video conferencing. And now, they’re using online apps and tech approaches to drug testing new hires. The problem is employees know how to cheat a drug test. So, what are the new advents that allow employers to administer quality drug screens in this modern teleworking environment? 

At-home drug testing kits, also known as tele-health collections, use an oral fluid (saliva) and the collection is observed virtually. Popular platforms include Skype and Zoom. These tests have proven to be accurate, easy to use, and cost-effective. An oral fluid sample can be collected in minutes, sealed in a vial, and shipped to a specific lab for processing. Results are available to the employer within 24 to 48 hours.

Oral fluid testing has been approved by the federal Department of Health and Human Services in October 2019. Because saliva is extremely difficult to alter, it has become a very appealing  option for employers who prioritize a drug/free workplace, even virtually. Oral fluid testing can be used for pre-employment drug testing, random testing, and reasonable suspicion of remote workers.

Experts recommend companies update their written drug testing policy to include tele-health collections. Ensure the new policy is clearly written and detailed. It should be communicated to employees both on-site, working remotely, or participating in a hybrid structured working environment. Make sure it is available to your entire workforce to access at any time. 

How To Cheat On A Urine Test

The unfortunate truth is that some employees will try to manipulate the results of a drug test. If you did a simple internet search for “how to cheat on a urine test,” you’d find a plethora of information, techniques, and even products you can buy to alter your specimen. To ensure accurate and reliable instant or home drug test results, make sure to get your drug testing kits from a trusted provider.  

At Soteria Screening Laboratories, it is our mission to provide personalized, effective, and efficient drug & alcohol testing. This includes compliance programs nationwide for companies and for individuals. Soteria Screening works with three laboratories, instead of one. This is to help expand the network of facilities able to provide our variety of services. 

We are a premier drug screening lab that understands that drug and alcohol testing programs ensure the safety and productivity of your workplace. If you need a drug test or drug and alcohol testing solutions, we can help. Reach out to us today. 

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