Weed, or marijuana, has become a highly normalized recreational substance. While some users may not consider the plant a drug, many professional fields do. This raises concerns for prospective employees journeying through the hiring process, as employee drug tests continue to become standard protocol. 

The good news? Learning how to get weed out of your system is simple, doesn’t require gimmicks, and is good for your health. In addition, detoxing from marijuana can ensure you pass a drug test and increase your chances of getting hired. 

To learn how you can get weed out of your system in a healthy and sustainable way, continue reading!

The Facts: How Long Does THC Stay in Urine? 

The length of time in which THC remains detectable in urine is uniquely based on specific body characteristics. So, what does this mean, and how long does THC stay in urine? Soteria Drug Screening is here to help you learn the facts.

THC can stay in urine for any number of days, even as long as an entire month. The traits that influence this spectrum relate to factors like height, weight, metabolism, and the amount of THC you consume. These varying elements can both shorten and lengthen the amount of time in which THC remains detectable in urine. 

How to Get Marijuana Out of Your System

If you want to pass a drug test, detoxing substances from your body ahead of time is essential. Learning how to get marijuana out of your system can help you determine how to cleanse your body healthily and sustainably. 

Here are three go-to steps you can use to cleanse your body of marijuana for both your health and an upcoming drug screening. 

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Make sure you give yourself enough time to detox. You’ll want to refrain from using marijuana for a month at the very least. In fact, THC can stay detectable in your body for as many as six weeks. Taking the necessary time to detox will ensure your body is free and clear of any remaining THC before your drug screening. 

2. Natural Nourishment

Many of us are told that quick fixes are the answer. However, the best detox protocol is a combination of adequate time, cleansing foods, and a healthy metabolism. Keeping your body hydrated and eating lean meats and vegetables will help eliminate toxins, and avoid fat and water retention. This aids the body in detoxing and metabolizing at a healthy rate.  

3. Get Active

Moving and exercising on a regular basis throughout your detox will help your body clean weed out of your system. The body stores THC in fat cells, so frequent movement and mobility will help you burn excess fat and eliminate unwanted THC storage. The added bonus is that you will be moving your body and metabolizing your food. Plus, you’ll begin feeling healthier than ever throughout the process!

Steady and Sustainable Detox

By following these tips and tricks, you can detox your body, meet your goals, and gain a new perspective in the process! No matter what you’re detoxing from, your body will get the cleanse it needs.

Health and Drug Testing with Soteria Drug Screening

If you’re seeking higher standards for your business, health and drug testing is a vital tool for all industries. Soteria Drug Screening is here to help. Their services offer quality drug screening labs to ensure your professional environment meets the highest safety standards. To improve your business’s success and safety standards, contact Soteria Drug Screening today. Find out how their services can support your professional workplace. 

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