Drug abuse can lead to personal, economic, physical, and social problems that affect an individual’s well-being and personal relationships. This can create broader problems for an individual in the workplace. Luckily, workplace drug testing can prevent drug-related problems from entering the workplace altogether. 

Alcohol is accessible for most people. While alcohol is legal, drinking on the job is never ethical. Breathalyzer tests detect when employees are intoxicated and are a common approach to drug screening. This article will answer a few frequently asked questions related to breathalyzers in the workplace. 

Are breathalyzer tests for workplace drug testing ethical?

Many potential employees feel drug screening and breathalyzers can be an invasion of privacy.  People who test positive may be concerned about any preconceived ideas others have about addiction. However, breathalyzers and other drug screeners ensure that the workplace remains a place of productivity and workers are abiding by job guidelines. Not all jobs require drug screening or breathalyzer tests, but employers have the ability to screen potential employees as part of the hiring process. Breathalyzer tests are not harmful and just require the participant to exhale. 

When should I perform a breathalyzer test on an employee?

Breathalyzer tests can only detect alcohol use a few hours after consumption. However, the timeline can vary depending on the level of a person’s intoxication. 

Employers may request a breathalyzer test after a work injury or in workers’ compensation cases. It is usually within an employer’s right to make sure that alcohol abuse was not a part of a workplace accident. Alcohol abuse can severely impact the results of the original case. 

The Department of Transportation may issue an alcohol screening that requires a breathalyzer test as part of the process. A professional drug screening company can administer a breathalyzer test to ensure professional standards.  

What should I do if I suspect an employee is intoxicated on the job?

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse is an addiction that is difficult to treat and may carry on for some people into the workday. For others, alcohol use is a way for them to get through the workday. If you suspect that an employee is drunk and is showing visible signs of intoxication, it is best to just send them home for the day. Public intoxication can create a stressful and uncomfortable work environment for the rest of your employees. You can then contact a professional drug screening company to administer a breathalyzer test allowing you to choose the best course of action for the situation.

If you need breathalyzer services performed for your company, contact Soteria Screening Laboratories at (202) 679-6670. They can help you decide the best plan of action to ensure your workplace remains productive and your employees are comfortable in the work environment. Soteria Screening Laboratories employs experts that can also perform random testing, pre-employment drug testing, and other drug screening for your company. Give them a call to see what plan of action best fits your needs. 

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