Many industries require drug testing for positions that entail safety-sensitive protocols. When an individual is refusing a drug test, business owners and employees alike may wonder what rights are available to them.

Understanding standard protocol regarding drug test refusal creates clarity, disclosure, and safety for both parties in the workplace. If your business or industry is curious to learn more about appropriate action during a refused drug test, continue reading.


Regulated Industry Protocol For Drug Test Refusal


When it comes to certain industries, safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why specific standards are set with routine drug testing. If an employee refuses to participate in an issued drug test, businesses reserve various rights.

For business owners in regulated industries, drug-free safety is non-negotiable. This means these industries have the right to immediately terminate or suspend employees that fail to fulfill safety-sensitive requirements. 

Moreover, safety-sensitive positions often include those that operate heavy machinery, or vehicles where sobriety is essential to the success of the job. Additionally, regulated industries reserve the right to revoke, suspend, or restrict licenses and certificates for specific safety-sensitive skills.


Which Regulated Industries Require Drug Testing? 


There are a few industries that legally require drug testing for standard safety protocol. Positions in these fields must maintain sobriety to meet job performance standards. 

Regulated Industries that require drug testing include: 

  • The Department of Transportation: The Department of Transportation requires drug testing to maintain safety for drivers, conductors, pilots, and passengers. This reduces the risk of potential accidents in the field. 
  • The Healthcare Industry: Healthcare workers are responsible for the health of their patients, requiring them to be fully present, focused, and of a clear mind. While most healthcare settings require drug testing, some may not be regulated to do so. 
  • Athletic Fields: Most athletes must participate in routine drug tests. This ensures that athletes do not utilize illegal performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), or misuse other substances while under contract. 
  • Construction Industries: Construction and manual labor require a clear mind and the ability to focus. Typically, drug testing is required in the construction industry to perform tasks involving heavy machinery or construction vehicles. 

For these industries, safety is essential to success, requiring regular employee drug screening and safety standards. 


Drug Test Standards in Non-Regulated Industries


For non-regulated industries, different legalities exist surrounding workplace drug testing and the refusal of a drug test. In these industries and fields, drug testing is not required by federal law. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

This means employees that refuse a drug test may have varying consequences depending on the specific employer protocol. For instance, in non-regulated fields, state laws can validate drug testing. So long as businesses can prove how drug tests coincide with job performance, drug testing is a requirement. 


How to Locate a Drug Test Near Me


For employees, business owners, or concerned loved ones, drug testing ensures safety in both personal and professional environments. When seeking a drug test, try searching “drug test near me” for reliable drug screening in your area. 

You may be able to locate a nearby drug screening facility or find a retailer that sells over-the-counter drug tests. In addition, locating a drug test for someone you know could inspire them to seek sobriety in their life sooner than expected.


Reputable Drug Tests with Soteria Drug Screening


If you’re seeking better standards for your business, drug testing may help. Soteria Drug Screening offers a multi-facility, quality drug screening lab to ensure your professional environment meets the highest standards. To boost the success of your business, contact Soteria Drug Screening today and discover how their services can support your workplace. 

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