Marijuana still tends to be a controversial substance in many parts of our country. Despite its legalization in several states, there are still side effects of marijuana that can be problematic or detrimental. This is especially true for children and teens, being that their bodies are still growing and developing. Unfortunately, numerous teens begin using marijuana at a young age without knowing or fully understanding how it is affecting their health. Continue reading to find out how marijuana can affect a teens health.

Cognitive Development Side Effects of Marijuana

The teenage brain is not yet fully developed and will not be until the early to mid 20s, which means that the teenage brain is more sensitive to drugs and changes. When teens begin using marijuana in these years, it can lead to immediate difficulties and long-term changes in the brain. This includes things like having a harder time problem solving and thinking, worse coordination, difficulty keeping attention, and a decline in their academic performance. These may not necessarily be permanent for every teen who used marijuana when they were younger, but it can increase the chances of them becoming an issue, especially if the teen frequently uses marijuana.

Of course, these above issues can become a huge problem when it comes to schooling. Learning during the teenage years is incredibly important and marijuana can greatly hinder this crucial time. Using marijuana can lead to a teenager not retaining important lessons or knowledge that can be critical to their education. This could potentially lead to them not graduating. Likewise, they may have to repeat a grade because they were unable to meet the requirements.

Emotional and Mental Difficulties

Unfortunately, the side effects of marijuana use can also greatly affect a teens emotional and mental health. For example, it can increase the risk of developing mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The risk may be higher if there is already a family history of these particular issues. In addition, if there are mental health difficulties like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, marijuana use can potentially make them worse.

Driving Impairment

Impaired driving can be a huge risk for teens. Not only are they typically new to driving, but impairment is going to make it worse. Whether it only be a little or a lot, using marijuana before driving enters a level of impairment that will make driving much more unsafe. This can easily result in the teen getting into an accident that can destroy their vehicle. This can also result in severe injuries, or in worse circumstances, lead to death. This may be an extreme point to make. However, it is crucial that we make it because impaired driving is nothing to mess around with.

Catching Marijuana Use Early On

As we have seen, the danger of drugs like marijuana should not be taken lightly. The most ideal situation is that a teens marijuana use is caught early on. This is the easiest time to intervene and get them help or convince them to stop before the health risk of marijuana increases. This can be a difficult task in some circumstances and it may require professional help to get them to stop or get them a treatment that will help.

Looking to Find Out if Teens are Using Marijuana?

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