By using drug tests, a place of business can determine whether an employee has different drugs in their system. These tests can also detect alcohol, ecstasy, barbiturates, propoxyphene, and benzodiazepines. Many employees use different methods to try and cheat a drug test. 

Many will try methods such as diluting their urine by drinking large amounts of water or adding water directly to their urine. Others will try to tamper with their results by using certain chemicals. Some employees may attempt to substitute their urine with another person’s urine. Some individuals, however, will try using a sauna detox to “sweat it out.” 

How a Sauna Detox Is Done Before a Drug Test

The easiest way to perform a sauna detox is to use a sauna directly. But for many individuals, a sauna is not readily available to them. At home, a person may try to perform a sauna detox by turning their shower or bath on at high temperatures. The steam from the hot water should make them sweat, but obviously this will take a while and use up a lot of water. Others may try to overheat themselves by using blankets after drinking a large amount of water so that they will easily sweat. 

How Does a Sauna Detox Work? 

A sauna detox relies heavily on sweat. Sweating occurs primarily to cool the body off. A person typically sweats around 300 to 700 mL a day. The water in our sweat comes from plasma, or the aqueous part of the blood in our body. Many other molecules that come from our plasma can spread into our sweat. Many drugs can be traced in the sweat of the drug user, including amphetamines, cocaine, THC, and opiates. 

Does This Method Work for Passing a Drug Test? 

It is simple to understand how the idea of sweating before a test could work to eliminate any traces of drugs. Even though many drugs are excreted when you sweat, you will most likely not sweat out all of the drugs. The methods used in drug tests to detect drugs often look to pinpoint the tiniest trace amounts of a variety of drugs. Therefore, even if you have sweat most of the drugs from your system, the tiniest bit could still show up. 

THC, for example, is very tricky to get out of the system. This drug may come out in your sweat, but none of the metabolites in the drug will follow. Therefore, only a fraction of the drug has been “sweat out.” THC is also stored in more fat than it is in plasma. It does not matter if you spend hours in a sauna, there will be a small amount of THC in your body. THC is tightly bound to plasma proteins, which is only spread into sweat by a small percent. The rest remains in the body. 

A Speedy, Accurate Drug Testing Service 

While there is much misinformation out on the effectiveness of different “cheats” to drug testing, these cheats should not be taken lightly. With our advanced, knowledgeable staff, we can easily pinpoint drug-use. Our laboratories know what to look for in drug tests submitted by drug users and will quickly have your results back to you in no time. With us, you can rest assured that your company will not have to worry about undetected drug use.

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