Many myths get passed around about various types of drug testing. In many cases, this misinformation stems from people attempting to fool drug tests, then passing this information along to others to try and help them fool tests. Unfortunately, a lot of these myths are just that, myths, and they are easily disproved by facts. Continue reading to find out about some of the most popular myths about drug testing and how they are debunked.

Every Drug Has A Set Amount of Time That It Remains in the System

There is no hard and fast rule for how long a drug will remain in someone’s system. This is because there are several factors that determine this. A person who only used marijuana once will likely pass it out of their system easier than a habitual user. Furthermore, a person who uses heavy amounts will have more in their system, which will take longer to get out. Not only does it depend on the amount and frequency of use, but it also largely depends on each person’s body. A person’s physiological makeup has a lot to do with how fast they are able to metabolize substances within their body.

Drinking Tons of Water or Other Fluids Will Dilute Urine to Help You Pass Drug Testing

This one has a slight bit of truth to it, but it will definitely not help a person pass a test. Technically, consuming a lot of water or other types of fluids can dilute a urine sample. But it could just result in an indeterminable result, which means that the person will have to take another test. The substances are still in the system, even though they may be harder to see. So the sample might just be put under rigorous testing to find what is in there. There are all kinds of mixtures and recommended drinks seen online that are supposed to help pass a drug test. However, they will typically all have the above results.

Urine Tests Are Common Because They Are Cheap and Not Accurate

There is a myth that urine tests are used so frequently because they are cheap and not as accurate as other forms of testing for drugs. Unfortunately for those trying to fool tests, this is far from the truth. Urine tests are definitely an affordable form of drug testing when compared to certain other methods. But they are also very accurate. Substances will remain in urine much longer than saliva. And urine tests can show results faster than hair follicle testing.

Any Methods That Claim to Clean the Body of Drugs

Just like people try to use fluids to dilute their urine, there are also foods and manufactured drinks out there that claim to help cleanse the body of drugs. Realistically, there is nothing that a person can eat or drink to magically get drugs out of their system. Some of these methods can lead to a test that looks like manipulation has been attempted. This will just result in another test.

Tired of Searching for Drug Testing Near Me and Not Finding Good Results?

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