Employers use a pre-employment physical exam to test an applicant’s physical fitness and health before moving forward with the hiring process. It’s also a great way to obtain a drug test. While it may be tedious and time-consuming when looking for work, they are crucial for certain positions and should be taken seriously. 

Below, we’ll discuss the best ways to prepare so that you can perform well on your exam.

Where to Get a Pre-Enrollment Physical Exam Near Me

Depending on your field, it may feel uncommon to complete a pre-enrollment physical exam. So you may be asking, “Where do I get a pre-employment physical exam near me?” Typically, you can visit your local Urgent Care or doctor. However, be mindful of which physical you need.

For example, a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical is for commercial drivers and happens annually. So, make sure the facility you visit does the exam you need. While tests can vary, there are preventative measures you can take to receive the best outcome.

How You Fail

Although physical exams are hard to predict, there are some common reasons why people fail them.

First is poor health. It’s no surprise that certain conditions and overall bad health can result in a poor exam. Note that, to employers, an employee with poor health cannot successfully complete the work that’s being asked of them. Therefore, this can greatly impact the company’s medical insurance costs.

In most cases, alcohol and drug use is taken very seriously. An applicant that takes part in recreational use may be seen as high risk. Keep in mind that certain medicines can alter the test, so it’s important to be transparent about any prescriptions you take.

How to Prepare

There are four ways to prepare yourself for an employer’s physical exam.

First, avoid drug usage (including alcohol). Most applicants don’t realize that almost all exams involve some kind of drug test, and many fail because of their drug use.

The second is keeping track of your health. That means eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, especially if you suspect that your exam will look at your baseline health.

Lastly, bring your medication. As previously stated, some medicines can alter your results and give the employer a false reading. Having your medication noted in the report will help clear up any miscommunication or misunderstanding that could happen down the road.

Keep in mind that there are situations that preparation can’t plan for. For example, some employers may have certain fitness requirements. In this case, you could have prepared well and been perfectly healthy – just not healthy enough to pass their exam.

Also, physical exams are another form of health checkup. The examiner may find a new diagnosis that you didn’t know about. If this is the case, it’s best to have a doctor examine you further. In fact, some examiners may advise urgent care if what they find is extremely concerning.

Jobs with an Annual Physical Exam

It’s important to understand that not all employers stop at the pre-employment physical. In fact, some may have an annual physical exam that employees must take and pass to maintain employment.

Some of these jobs are:

  • Police officer
  • Firefighter
  • Military personnel
  • Construction worker
  • Healthcare workers

Jobs with annual physical exams require constant preparation. Therefore, failure to pass a drug test is cause for termination or harsh penalties.

Making the Best Pre-Employment Physical Exam

Like a pre-employment drug screening, an employer’s goal with a pre-employment physical exam is to find the best-fitting applicant.

At Soteria Screening Laboratories, it’s our goal to help employers find the best person for the job. Contact us today to learn more about our services, which include DOT and Non-DOT physicals.

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