If you are an employer, you may or may not require people to get a drug test before coming to work for you.  Random drug testing is also an option for your business, whether you have 50 employees or thousands.  You may be worried that this type of drug testing will have a negative effect on your company, but it is actually the opposite.  Here is why random drug testing is important in the workplace.

Safety First: Why Random Drug Testing is Important

As a manager and as a human being, you want your employees to be safe.  Drug and alcohol misuse can cause many different workplace accidents.  Many drugs slow down a user’s reaction time.  This means that in the case of an emergency, it is less likely that someone who is high or drunk will be able to solve the problem as quickly as a sober person.  Slower reactions and more mistakes could easily lead to an employee injuring themselves or others.  Drug users can quickly become a liability to your company, no matter what field you work in.  This is especially true if your employees operate any type of factory equipment or vehicles.

You may think that employees who use drugs will be instantly recognizable.  A drug test is not necessary because there are obvious signs of drug and alcohol misuse, right?  While this is true in some cases, it should not be relied upon in all of them.  It is very possible that you have an employee using drugs that you would never suspect until they are involved in a workplace accident.  Drug testing helps you be safe rather than sorry.

How Random Drug Testing Affects Productivity

Sober employees are the most productive employees, period.  People who have a clear mind can do their best at their jobs day after day.  With random drug testing, you can make sure this is all of the people who work for you.  Having drug or alcohol misuse happen among your employees can lead to a loss of productivity.  Without random drug testing, you may struggle to figure out what is causing the slow down.

It is also likely that drug use leads to a higher absence rate than normal.  If an employee is suffering from a withdrawal or is too high to come in to work, they may skip out on their job that day.  The high risk of injury from drug use could also lead to extended absences, as could something like an overdose.  If you want sober employees who show up every day and work their hardest, you should implement drug testing.

Stop the Problem Before It Starts

Just because you are doing random drug testing in your workplace does not mean it needs to be a big secret.  In fact, the exact opposite is true.  Be open with your current and potential employees that any drug test requested in a requirement.  This will encourage those already using drugs to seek help to stop using.  It will also dissuade people from applying to your company if they are regular drug users.  By having a clear random drug testing policy, you are stopping problems with safety, productivity, and absenteeism before they even start.

Looking For a Workplace Drug Test Provider?

If you are a business owner looking to implement random drug testing, Soteria Screening Laboratories can help.  They provide accurate, confidential drug testing that you and your employees can trust.  Soteria offers a variety of different tests and can work with you to figure out what best suits your company’s needs.  Call (202) 679-6670 or visit them online for more information.

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