Substance abuse is a problem affecting millions of Americans and their loved ones, and recovery may feel at times impossible. Substance abuse recovery is possible, however, with support and some common sense tips. Substance abuse counseling is available for those willing to take the steps necessary to beat their substance of choice. 

We’ll be taking a look today at what can be done to recover from substance abuse. Whether you’re considering recovery yourself or know someone who could hopefully this helps inspire movement on the path to recovery.

Substance Abuse Defined

Substance abuse disorders have some differing definitions depending on how you look at them. From a criminal justice perspective, these disorders manifest when users act illegally to obtain more drugs or money to buy more. From a psychological perspective, substance abuse disorders may be symptomatic of repressed trauma. Depending on the drug in question, its abuse can lead to physical or psychological harm as well. Substance abuse can cover the gamut from legal substances like alcohol to illegal ones like cocaine or methamphetamines. 

Even if the individual symptoms and side effects of abuse may vary from substance to substance they produce overlapping results. Substance abuse can lead to a disintegration of social and family relationships, as well as impact job performance. The financial strain can cause many substance abusers to seek out illegal methods to obtain money or more drugs. 

Heavy use, overdose, and withdrawal can all cause intense strain on the body, fatally so depending on the substance involved.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options and Tips

While an individual may struggle with one or more substances, substance abuse treatment isn’t something that must be faced alone. Substance abuse counseling options are available at all strata of society and cater to different individual experiences.

There’s a certain image of recovery seen with most celebrities who attend rehab in luxurious and expensive facilities. This is only one facet of substance abuse treatment and one potential avenue for recovery, however. This can mean facing substance abuse individually, with a doctor or therapist, or as part of a group.

Whatever path to recovery you may be on here are some tips to help make it as easy as possible:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people. Without a positive support network, it can be easy to fall back into a previous pattern of substance abuse. It may be difficult to cut off unhealthy relationships from your past, but you’ll appreciate it in the long run. 
  2. Find new hobbies separate from your substance habit. This will keep your mind off the substance as well as give you an activity to fill the void caused by stopping.
  3. Exercise. Exercise helps both your body and mind recover. 
  4. Consider volunteering, providing a sense of purpose as well as positive social interactions. 
  5. Eat well. As silly as it may sound, eating better and more healthily can improve your overall mindset. 
  6. Talk it out. Whether that means finding a local support group, a sponsor, or another friend who will listen. 
  7. Try meditating, which can reduce stress and anxiety that can help reduce the temptation to return to substance abuse. 
  8. Perhaps most importantly, seek professional help. Substance abuse counseling works for a reason, and medical and psychological professionals are available to provide their knowledge and expertise.

How Soteria Drug Screening Can Help

Soteria Drug Screening specializes in drug tests so we see firsthand every day the damage substance abuse can cause. A failed drug test can mean so much more than a missed work opportunity. It can be proof of a broken promise the person stopped using and lied about it. It can be the last step before realizing this problem might be more than you can handle alone. 

There are substance abuse counseling options out there, both individually and in groups. Addiction and substance abuse problems affect all kinds of people and all walks of life. You may feel alone facing these problems, but you aren’t alone. While we’ve seen plenty of examples of substance abuse in action, we’ve also seen recovery happen often as well. Recovery isn’t always an easy process or an enjoyable one, but we salute anyone who takes on the challenge.

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