One of the key components of hiring new employees is ensuring health and ability. Understandably, businesses want to confirm that their new hires can complete the tasks required of them. Therefore, many companies enforce a pre-employment physical exam as part of the hiring process. This will allow a clear and transparent view of potential candidates. In addition, it can help prevent injury and improve occupational safety.

Why are Annual Physical Exams Important?

Annual physical exams are important because they give businesses clearer views of their employees. Understandably, if an individual cannot properly complete tasks due to health issues, they should not be in that position. Furthermore, it allows them a better understanding of their body. Once the physical is complete, an individual can know if any health issues are present and what they should be concerned about. For example, an annual physical will check for: 

  • Blood pressure
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate

In addition, if needed, they can receive any necessary medical assistance. Also, an employer may require drug screening or TB (tuberculosis). This is done not only for an individual’s well-being but for the safety of others around them. If an individual fails their pre-employment physical exam, the company can revoke their job offer. Similarly, employees may be relieved of their duties if they fail their annual physical.

It is important to note that there are specific regulations all businesses must adhere to. For example, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires employers to provide job offers before demanding physicals. In addition, they must administer physical exams to all candidates, not just those with pre-existing health conditions. Moreover, the PDA (Pregnancy Discrimination Act) states that employers cannot rescind job offers once they learn that a candidate is pregnant. 

Depending on the business, physical exams may be mandatory. For example, those who work under DOT (Department of Transportation) must pass physical exams. Likewise, healthcare workers must be deemed physically fit and healthy. 

Everything You Need to Know About Physical Exams

Before taking a physical, it can be helpful to know what the exam consists of. Typically, individuals will be asked about their medical history and lifestyle choices. Then, different exams will be conducted. Along with the tests previously mentioned, additional lab tests may be administered. Depending on the business and what regulations they fall under, physical exams may have varying degrees of intensity. Typically, exams should be completed in an hour. Afterward, both the employer and the individual should have results within a week.

To have better exam results, individuals can implement various lifestyle changes. For example, one can maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Furthermore, the abuse of any drug or illegal substance should be avoided at all times. 

To continue, it may be best to bring all medications. This will provide a clearer picture of one’s health status. In addition, certain medications may alter physical exam results. So, this can answer any questions or confusion. 

Finally, it is important to know that pre-employment physical exams can benefit the individual. If they are not physically capable of completing tasks, they should not hold that position. By doing so, they are putting their well-being in significant harm. Furthermore, physical exams can illuminate present and concerning health issues.

Want to Learn More? Soteria Can Help

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