In recent years, many companies have cut back on drug tests for their employees, or stopped drug testing altogether. However, this trend is not universal. Many companies continue to drug test their employees out of preference, but there are also certain industries which require drug tests for all workers. 

The reasons for mandatory industry-wide drug testing can range from health and safety concerns, to performance concerns. As you will see, there is quite an interesting range of industries that require drug testing.

What Jobs Require a Drug Test?

Transportation Industry

The Department of Transportation requires that all workers involved in transportation be drug tested. The reason for this is quite simple, but also very serious. 

Operating a vehicle, whether it’s a car, a bus, a train, or any other mode of transportation, requires great focus. Operating any of these vehicles while impaired is a tremendous safety risk, not just to the individual, but anyone around them as well. 

No matter how jobs change in other industries, transportation workers will likely always need to be screened for drugs and alcohol regularly.

Healthcare Industry

Not all healthcare workers are subjected to mandatory drug tests. However, many healthcare settings do require drug tests for all employees. The reasoning for this, again, is in the interest of public safety. 

Those in charge of patients in a healthcare setting must have a clear mind and be able to make fast decisions in high-stress situations. Impairment of any kind poses a great risk to any and all patients in an individual’s care.

Construction Workers

Construction work is one of the most common jobs to require drug tests. Most construction jobs require the use of heavy machinery. Like transportation workers, any construction worker who operates this equipment must have a clear mind and clear faculties. 

Operating heavy machinery while under the influence of drugs is a major safety hazard for anyone else on or near the construction site. The construction industry has a long list of safety regulations, and mandatory drug tests are one key part of that.


Perhaps the most exclusive industry on this list, professional athletes are required to pass drug tests regularly. The reasoning for this is quite different from the other industries mentioned here.

Drug testing for athletes is done out of a concern for athletic performance. Athletes can use a variety of drugs to gain unfair competitive advantages in their respective sports. The most famous example of this would be Major League Baseball’s steroids scandal in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Each professional sports league issues mandatory drug tests both in-season and during their off-seasons to ensure that players are not using any banned substances.

Of course, when we think of drug tests for athletes, we often think of steroid testing. But most leagues also test for “Drugs of Abuse”, and can discipline athletes who test positive for non-performance enhancing substances as well. 

Drug Testing Near Me

There are many reasons why drug testing is important to sustaining a healthy work environment in any industry. From workplace safety to job performance, drug testing plays a crucial role in ensuring that workers are able to perform at their best.

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