The results of a drug test can often be the last worrisome barrier to being offered a job. Some companies take advantage of this worry by offering drug test detox kits. Often marketed as cleanses or detox kits, these kinds of detox kits for drug test promise clean results. There are a wide variety of drug test detox kits like these available on the market. They often promise clean results, but how trustworthy are those promises?

Today we’ll be looking more closely at drug test detox kits. Just what kinds are there, and why they might be promising more than they deliver. While sold in pharmacies, local drug stores, or online, drug detox kits often operate without FDA approval or oversight. These promises aren’t necessarily grounded in easily. Keep this in mind before paying up for drug test detox kits like these.

Types of Drug Detox Kits

Drug detox kits come in two varieties: in vivo adulteration and in vitro adulteration. In vivo adulteration is when a substance is ingested into the body with the desired goal of changing compounds internally. On the other hand, In vitro adulteration has the substance added to the urine sample after it’s been collected. In both cases, the goal is to change the compounds the drug tests are searching for into something different.

While this is the promise, the claims made by a detox kit for drug tests like this are not government-regulated. There’s usually little to no oversight or quality control in place, and drug test detox kits may feature unlisted ingredients. If they show any explanations for their claims, it is rarely peer-reviewed or otherwise independently confirmed. These results might be less likely than reported, possibly even completely ineffective. This can also mean any potential side effects (especially for in vivo drug detox kits) are under-reported, if at all. This is on top of any potential withdrawal symptoms the person might be going under as well.

Risks of Using a Drug Test Detox Kit

Since the drug test detox kit market is unregulated, relatively little study has been made backing up the manufacturer’s claims. Some might not work as intended if at all. Some may work as intended but bring with them side effects. Most researchers and health professionals warn against the use of drug test detox kits for exactly these sorts of reasons. Even if the test works as intended, there’s rarely any research on potential side effects.

If going through the detox process already, the last thing the body typically needs is additional strain or complications. Depending on the drug in question, they remain in the system for weeks and even months after the last use. Especially in the case of heavy users, residual traces can linger longer. This can make the detox process a strainful process already depending on just how long it’s been underway. That time, however, is the only way to remove traces of drugs from a drug test.

Are Drug Detox Kits Worth the Money?

It can be tempting to spend money on drug detox kits hoping to avoid a positive test result. In almost all instances, however, it instead leads to at most an inconclusive result and a retest. Basically, any trust in the promises made by drug test detox kits like these is likely misplaced. Don’t risk your health further by trying an untested method that might not work at all. Look carefully at any product before buying it, and be mindful of if any claims it’s made are backed up.

At Soteria Screening Laboratories, we’ve seen our fair share of attempts to bypass drug testing. We haven’t found a way yet that’s prevented giving employers accurate information. We screen for a range of different substances. Call or contact one of our representatives today for more information.

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