There are more than 14 million reported drug addicts in the U.S., making pre-employment drug testing almost a necessity for employers. Drug use in the workplace can put people at risk. Its dangerous not only for the employee that is using the drugs but many others also depending on the drug and job type. If the employees actions cause injury to anyone else, the employer will have to undertake the liability.

Although recreational marijuana usage may not seem like a big deal to some, it can be a major concern for a new employer. Its important to know things like how far back a urine test can detect drugs and how this can affect employment no matter your position.

How far back can a urine test detect drugs?

Urine drug testing for marijuana can normally detect use after one to seven days, but it can be detected up to two months afterward if the use was regular and consistent. Someone may not realize a month or so prior that employment could depend on the results of a marijuana drug test. If you are searching for a job, you should keep this in mind.

Soteria Screening Labs has more information as well as details about other drugs. Depending on the drug, detection in urine may be possible for far longer than a week. Marijuana and PCP can remain in your system for longer than any other drugs. If you are actively seeking a new position, you should keep these guidelines in mind so you do not eliminate yourself from the competition based on a failed drug test.

What other drug tests should I be aware of?

In addition to urine drug testing, several other types of tests may be run. Hair follicle testing can indicate drug use many times up to 90 days after use. Breath alcohol testing is often conducted by a police officer when someone is pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. This test only detects alcohol.

An oral fluid test is done when drug use is suspected. Oral fluid drug test detection times fall within one to seven hours of drug use. An employer typically requests one of these tests if they have reasonable suspicion that the employee is under the influence at work.

Should I expect a marijuana drug test before employment?

In this day and time, you should expect marijuana drug testing. Although some employers are more flexible about marijuana and exclude it from their drug screenings, you should assume that a marijuana drug test will always be conducted. If you want a new job, you must prepare for it. Regardless of where you found out about this position, if you wanted it enough to apply for it, then you should go to the effort to pass the drug screening. This is true even if you did not realize that you would be subjected to drug testing as part of the interview process.

Looking for more information about what type of drug testing is available? Visit Soteria Screening Lab online to learn more. Dont lose your opportunity at a good position because of a lack of awareness about standard testing practices. Be sure you know how far back routine pre-employment drug screenings can detect use. If you are an employer, connect with Soteria for routine and random drug testing in your company.

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