There are many different types of drug testing available. However, the most common is the urine drug test. This test can be either as a form of pre-employment screening, random screening, or post-accident screening. Urinalysis, or testing ones urine for drug chemicals, remains the only testing method approved for federally mandated testing.

Urinalysis is a reliable source of drug testing that can detect recent usage up to an average of 3 days before testing. For example, it is possible to detect alcohol within 6 hours, heroin within 2 days, and cocaine within 4 days. Different urine tests have distinct uses – and advantages.

DOT Urine Test

DOT urine tests, also known as the Department Of Transportation Urine Tests, are the only testing authorized for federally-mandated companies. Employers can only conduct this test in safety-sensitive jobs. Meanwhile other companies may conduct other tests.

The DOT test can detect 12 substances: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA, MDEA, MDA, opioids/morphine, heroin, codeine, and phencyclidine.

Instant Urine Testing

There are two forms of urinalysis: lab-based testing and rapid drug testing.

Lab Tests

Lab tests are performed in a secured environment where it is meticulously examined for the presence of drugs and even analyzed for specific drug types.

Rapid Result Testing

Rapid result testing is an instant test that can deliver a result in seconds and is performed on-site. These results only appear to be negative (no drug use) or non-negative (drug use detected). Furthermore, the non-negative results are sent in for lab examination to determine which drugs are being abused.

Expanded Urine Test

Expanded urine tests are designed to include or exclude a variety of other drugs during a screening.


Non-THC urine tests avoid detecting signs of THC, which can be found in most CBD products. THC can appear in most drug screenings resulting in a positive drug test, and studies show that enough second hand THC can result in a non-THC user receiving a positive drug test.


Most urine drug screenings will not detect alcohol, the most widely abused drug. In fact, to detect alcohol in a urine test, it will be necessary to add an extra step in the lab.


Like alcohol, nicotine is not detectable in drug screenings. Therefore, to detect nicotine, it will be necessary to take extra steps in the lab.

Expanded Opiates

Most urine tests can detect opiates, but there are exceptions. However, with the expanded opiates option, it is possible to include molly, ecstasy, oxycodone, and hydrocodone in urine tests.

Panel Urine Test

Panel urine tests enable us to check for a variety of different narcotics. In short, the larger the panel, the larger the range it can check. Also, each panel varies in price and employers can use it for different instances – depending on the situation.


10-panel urine testing can detect amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, methaqualone, opiates, phencyclidine, and propoxyphene.


9-panel urine testing can detect marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines, and methadone.


5-panel urine testing can detect marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine, and opiates.


4-panel urine testing can only detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, and opiates.

The real question remains: which of these available options is the most effective? Depending on the company, the best non-DOT urine test would be the 10-panel testing. Furthermore, this test will allow the business to inspect for a wide range of drugs that may not be identifiable through a smaller panel. Otherwise, the DOT urine test is the most effective urine test to administer because its constantly up-to-date and federally approved to detect a wide range of drugs.

If you require drug testing for yourself or a business, contact Soteria Screening Laboratories at (202)679-6670 or at Soteria firmly believes that substance abuse is a serious issue, causing loss of production, accidents, and other related problems in a business. Soteria testing and compliance programs will reduce liability and accidents. So, give Soteria Screening Laboratories a call today and discover ways you can employ proper substance screening.

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