There is a stigma that only the uneducated and impoverished develop substance abuse addictions. Also, another stigma is that the most dangerously addictive substances are restricted to drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. However, there is a group of substances that ensnare even those of the middle and upper classes, and in a way that seems utterly harmless at first. We are talking about prescription drug abuse.

For many individuals, prescription drugs are a part of their everyday lives. However, when one begins abusing their medications by using more than the required dosage to get high, they become dependent. As a result, addictions can develop over time.

Do you believe that your loved one may be suffering from prescription drug addiction? There are specific methods for helping them overcome their addiction that you can employ! Read on for information pertaining to the causes and types of prescription drug addictions and instructions for staging an intervention and seeking professional assistance.

The Causes of Prescription Drug Addiction

The most unfortunate part of prescription drug addictions is that they are usually caused by an individual seeking medical help. When a person experiences bodily pain, depression or anxiety, or certain diseases, physicians prescribe drugs to treat their symptoms. However, while most patients take the prescribed amount and experience relief, some may take more, believing that a higher dosage will better alleviate their pain.

When this happens, patients risk developing a dependence on their medication. And, while their doctor prescribed their medications, the effect of abusing them can be very similar to using street drugs. Therein lies the danger of overdosing and other issues associated with drug abuse.

Most Commonly Abused Medications

The most commonly abused medications are those that yield mind-altering properties. For this reason, opioidsanti-anxiety medications, and other stimulants are at the top of the list of highly addictive prescription medications. Some of the most commonly abused meds are:

  • Oxycodone
  • Percocet
  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Ritalin
  • Adderall

How You Can Help Your Loved Ones Overcome Their Addiction

When you discover that your loved one is abusing their prescription medication, do not approach them with hostility. In truth, they are victims in this situation. Of course, they chose to take more than the prescribed dosage, but more often than not, they did so in an attempt to achieve relief from their symptoms. Therefore, you must begin by expressing your concern and devising a plan for their recovery. If they do not accept your plan, you may need to consider an intervention.

The Intervention

Essentially, an intervention involves gathering the family and friends of an addict for a chance to convince them to stop using drugs and begin treatment. However, for the intervention to be successful, you must first develop a plan and establish consequences if they choose to continue abusing their medications.

Prior to the intervention, make arrangements for their immediate transport to the treatment center following the interventions conclusion. Prepare a statement describing the effect that their addiction has had on your life and relationship, and be ready to declare your ultimatum that, if they continue using, you will no longer support them.

Before staging the intervention, consider seeking help with drug addiction from a professional.

Soteria Can Help

When dealing with a loved one suffering from prescription drug addiction, drug screenings may be the only way to ensure that they are being honest about their recovery. There is nothing worse than discovering that a family member has been struggling with drug abuse, but their chances for recovery increase significantly with the inclusion of proactive interventions and continuous drug-use monitoring.

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