Working to keep your workplace safe and drug-free often means pre employment drug tests as a condition of employment. You may be asking yourself just what would a pre employment drug test look for. Multiple methods and screenings use different samples to test for the presence of drugs. Figuring out which is the right one for your company can seem a daunting prospect but there’re multiple options available. Companies should look at what substances to screen for, and the best sample method to collect that information.

There are several benefits for a company that uses pre employment drug tests, like decreased absenteeism, fewer accidents, and improved productivity. This should also help reduce turnover caused by the consequences of drug abuse, as well as add protection for the company in the event any later drug abuse is discovered. 

Before choosing to work with someone it’s important to know about a potential liability like drug usage. Pre employment drug test screenings can preemptively help you get the right person for the right job.

Pre employment drug testing laws by state 2022

When looking at pre employment drug testing laws by state in 2022, this can affect which drugs to test for. Since many states have begun legalizing medicinal or recreational marijuana, screening for these substances has become unnecessary in those states. 

For example, at Soteria, we offered 10 and 5-panel screenings for drugs including THC and marijuana. With these changes, we now offer 9 and 4-panel options that don’t screen for THC. Other screening companies have followed suit with local demand. Check with your state or with a local screening company if you’re not sure if a certain test is required.

Pre employment testing: Differences in Methods

Pre employment testing has two major components: what’s being screened for and how it’s being screened. Certain substances are better tested for from certain samples and are detectable for certain amounts of time. The most common form of drug testing sample collection is through urinalysis. A urine test will show traces of drug use even for an extended period since the last usage. 

Some substances screened in urinalysis include marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines/methamphetamines, PCP, and opioids but others can be requested. Federally-mandated testing often requires urinalysis so it’s chosen both by regulated and non-regulated employers.

Urinalysis isn’t the other method for pre employment testing, however. Hair testing has an even longer detection window, spanning up to 90 days. It can test for most of the substances a urine test can, but won’t detect any alcohol. A sample of about a hundred strands of hair is collected from an inconspicuous area of the head for testing. 

The other most common method of sample collection is oral fluid testing. This testing method is 100% observed so it is very difficult to be cheated, and is done on-site. This is done through a swab provided along the inside of the mouth. It also identifies more recent usage than other methods, up to four hours after drug use. However, for most drugs, the detection window for oral fluids is about one to three days.

Turn to Soteria Drug Screening

At Soteria Drug Screening, we want to help your company perform whatever pre employment drug test is best for you. You only pay for the tests performed and completed, with no monthly upkeep fees. Signing up for a company account with Soteria is quick and easy.

We test for a range of substances, including alcohol, marijuana, opioids, methamphetamines, and more. We’ll help perform any pre employment drug tests that you may require, or any other required drug screening needs. Call or contact one of our specialists for more information.

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