Drug use and abuse can be significant issues within the workplace for both an employer and the user’s co-workers. In fact, those using drugs during work become a liability for those around them. It is not good for the company as a whole and can potentially put the user’s co-workers at risk in some lines of work. Let’s take a closer look at why a drug test is a good option.

Why Employees Should Recommend a Drug Test for Co-Workers

Sometimes, workers who notice signs of drug use on the job have to take action to make it known. This can include mentioning it to management or recommending that the individual be drug tested. Unfortunately, this responsibility falls on good workers, but it is for the good of everyone, including the company, the user, co-workers, and themselves. 

The signs and symptoms of drug use can vary depending on the type of substance being used. However, let’s take a look at some of the signs of the most common drugs used in the workplace that may prompt a co-worker to recommend a drug test.


  • Unexplained or unauthorized absences
  • Excessive tardiness
  • Incomplete or sloppy work
  • Faulty analysis
  • Argumentative or short-tempered
  • The smell of alcohol on the individual
  • Staggering walk
  • Slurring words


  • Absences
  • Performance decline
  • Difficulty focusing 
  • Fatigue
  • Increased appetite
  • Delayed reaction time
  • Memory problems


  • Frequent breaks
  • Not eating
  • Nose bleeds
  • Mood swings
  • Decline in personal appearance
  • Overconfidence
  • Euphoric

The above are far from the only signs and symptoms of use, but they serve as a good reference point to begin looking. It may be easier for the individual to hide their drug use and behavior in the beginning. However, as they continue to come to work under the influence or their use increases, it will often become more readily visible. 

Many companies already have a policy for routine drug testing or testing after an accident at work. However, there may be employees suspected of using who somehow manage to pass the test and return to work. This is where co-workers may have to step in to recommend another test.

Can You Research How to Pass a Drug Test?

Of course, the best way to pass a drug test is not to use substances. Unfortunately, some users attempt to cheat or bypass a test, and some even claim they know how to pass a drug test. Some of these methods are more involved than others, but they can include things like:

  • Using fake urine or someone else’s urine
  • Diluting the sample by adding water or drinking a lot of water
  • Adding chemicals to the urine sample
  • Attempting to delay the drug test
  • Attempting “detox” methods, such as eating certain foods or beverages that claim to flush the toxins

Ultimately, it is never recommended to cheat or bypass a drug test.

Dealing with Suspicions After Passing a Drug Test

A drug user may think they have gotten away with passing a drug test by using the above methods. However, tests are quite accurate these days, and many of these methods will simply result in a diluted sample, prompting for another test. 

In the case that someone does get away with it, it may be up to co-workers to speak with management to recommend another test. It is much easier for those working with the user to see the signs and symptoms of drug use. 

No Need to Search for Drug Test Near Me – Soteria Can Help

Instead of searching for local drug testing locations, you can order tests from Soteria Screening Labs to have on hand at the workplace. This makes it easier to test individuals attempting to avoid or cheat otherwise. We have multiple types of tests available, including rapid tests, extended panels, and more.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at 202-679-6670 or info@soteriascreening.com.

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