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Drug Screening Collection Sites

Making the drug screening process simple is our goal at Soteria Screening Laboratories.  

The cost of drug abuse to an employer is high. What most don’t know is that 70% of drug users are in the workforce. That means that workers can have a higher accident rate. Drug addiction also contributes to frequent absences and lost productivity. Healthcare costs can become another major issue. On average, addiction ends up costing employers around $25 billion. As a result, without drug testing in the workplace, an employee who needs help might not get it.

We are here to change that by providing quick, affordable, and easy access to drug testing. We offer a variety of services depending on your needs. With our network of three SAMSHA certified laboratories and 10,000+ collection facilities throughout the country, we strive to find the most convenient facility for the employer, employee, or individual who wishes to receive one of our services. You can search for a facility below by sending us your zip code and the service you’re requesting so we can locate the facility for you.

What is a Collection Facility?

A collection facility is a site that specializes in collecting specimens for a variety of tests. Our network of collection sites are run by licensed collectors. This is because we work with the highest trained professionals.  When searching for “drug testing near me,” Soteria Screening strives to find the most convenient facility to make the entire process quick and easy.

Is there a Collection Facility near me?

Unsure if there’s a collection facility near you able to complete the services you need?  Please note, that not every facility in our Collection Facilities Network can perform every service Soteria Screening Laboratories offers. When ordering a service, you will be scheduled at the closest facility to your zip code, that can complete your specific service(s).  Find out if there is a facility near you by filling out the inquiry form below!

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