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It is our mission to help create a drug-free workplace. To do so, we strive to keep the drug screening process as simple as possible. While not every company is federally mandated to screen for drug and alcohol abuse, testing does have benefits. Using drug test services during the hiring process minimizes the risk of hiring a potential employee with substance abuse issues. 

Continued testing allows employers to give any employees struggling with drugs or alcohol the opportunity to attend rehab. This also encourages recovered addicts and recreational users to stay sober and allows you to demonstrate care for your employees. Your concern for health and security shows when you ensure everyone is drug-free and safely operating in the workplace. 

We are a nationwide business, coming alongside companies providing drug testing services and education. We have a network of collection facilities, either mobile or fixed, run by well-trained, licensed collectors. Our sights specialize in specimen collection for drug and alcohol testing. Find the facility closest to you today. 

Drug Test Services

Soteria has a software platform that manages the computer-generated selections for randomized drug tests. An employer cannot be credibly accused of targeting employees while using an outside source software. With a company account with Soteria, you can manage the drug program for your business independently.

Soteria Screening Laboratories has found that implementing a drug and alcohol testing program reduces employee turnover. It also lowers the number of absences and tardiness. An effective drug screening program can reduce accidents, benefiting a company further by reducing workers’ compensation costs. 

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about our drug testing services and facilities, please contact us. Our priority is helping your business become a drug-free workplace. Fill out our brief form or contact us at:




For more information about creating a Drug-Free Workplace, please visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration site.

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