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Drug Testing

There are more than 14 million drug abusers in the United States. Soteria Screening Laboratories advocates for awareness about the impact of substance abuse in industry, schools, families, and the community. You can order a test online or give us a call at (202) 679-6670 to gain access to our drug and alcohol testing sites throughout the United States.

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Our Drug Testing Services

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Urine Testing

Urine testing is the preferred drug testing method for most companies. With its reliability in legal defense, cost-effectiveness, and capacity to test for a wide variety of drugs, it makes sense why. Federally-mandated companies are only allowed to use the most up-to-date panel for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Urine Drug Test. Non-DOT companies seeking urine drug testing commonly use our non-DOT 5-panel or non-DOT 10-panel urine drug tests.

Hair Follicle Testing

When a person uses a substance, the substance absorbs and metabolizes in the bloodstream. Blood flow feeds hair growth. Therefore, any used substances and their metabolites embed in the hair. Our hair follicle drug and alcohol testing differentiates between the metabolites and the actual drug. Because of this, the possibilities of a false positive are minimal.

Oral Fluid Testing

Saliva or oral fluid-based drug testing detects drug use minutes to hours after the event. Donors can collect their own oral fluid samples on-site while someone monitors. Direct supervision reduces the risk of tampering.

Breath Alcohol Testing

A Breath Alcohol Test (BAT) estimates blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Specifically, the test measures the amount of alcohol in the air exhaled by the subject. The testing procedures for DOT breath alcohol testing are outlined in 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 40. The procedures are very specific and must be followed whenever the employer requests a DOT-required alcohol test.

Random Testing

Random testing is conducted on an unannounced, unpredictable basis. In random testing, employees place their employee number or social security number in a testing pool. Employers utilize a computer-generated scientifically arbitrary selection. Therefore, each employee has an equal chance of qualifying for testing. This is true regardless of whether that person recently took a test or not. Soteria’s software platform manages random drug and alcohol testing programs for both non-DOT and DOT employers alike.


Ensure Your Workplace is Drug and Alcohol-free

Find a Collection Center

We offer our clients access to over 10,000 facilities throughout the United States to handle their immediate drug and alcohol testing needs.

Physical Exams

Soteria Screening Laboratories is a part of eScreen Occupational Health Network (EOHN). Moreover, we provide DOT and Non-DOT physical exams through a technology-enabled screening system accessible online.


DOT Physicals

Commercial vehicle operators must go through Department of Transportation (DOT) medical exams at least once a year. To clarify, they must go through exams conducted only by certified Medical Examiners. At Soteria, we offer DOT physical exams nationwide through the EOHN. Our medical examiners have appropriate licensure to perform DOT physicals in adherence to DOT regulations.


Non-DOT Physicals

We also offer non-DOT physical exams for employment, sports, camps, schools, or general health. As a result, we help employers ensure that employees are in good health.

Physical Exams
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