Background Screenings


A background screening form, necessary for safe places of employment and places of living.

Ensuring a safe work and living environment, where your intellectual and physical property is kept whole and complete, requires finding the right employees. Background screening is a way to ensure that employers, healthcare providers, and tenants acquire all necessary information when choosing who they hire, sell, or rent to. 

With a complete picture of a person’s history, there are fewer chances of fraud, missed payments, or lies that hinder someone’s past.

Before background screenings, people would simply trust what someone said about themselves when they applied for a job, loan, or house. But now, it’s more common to check their background to ensure they’re telling the truth. This gives you a wider picture of the individual’s history.

Thanks to the advancement of technology in the past decades, we can collect and keep information more easily. This includes things like if someone has broken laws, how they drive, where they have worked, and how they use their money. It’s much easier to get this information now, and it’s more accurate than it used to be.

Background Screening Companies

There are a wide variety of background screening companies to choose from. However, Soteria partners with National Crime Search LLC, (NCS), one of the largest nationwide providers for checking people’s backgrounds. The NCS team has extensive experience with over 40 years in the background and employment screening business. Therefore, we offer reliable communication and a person-centered approach to providing you with all the information you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Soteria helps companies discover if potential hires are trustworthy. Plus, we do so without the trouble of on-site inspections. We accomplish this by looking at official records and databases to ensure the hire hasn’t done anything that would warrant county, national, or federal crimes. Additionally, we also check the national sex offender registry as well as social security verification, address history search, and previous employment.

Volunteer Screening Services

We also provide volunteer screening services for non-profit organizations that want protection from negligence claims. In many cases, this often results in expensive public relations downfalls. The SafeChoice program is for:

  • Church Volunteers
  • Youth Sports Coaches/Refs
  • Hospital Volunteers
  • School Volunteers
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts

To learn more about this service and pricing, visit our Volunteer Screening page.

Healthcare Screening Services

For employers in the healthcare system, you know just how vital choosing the right medical professional is. Someone providing quality healthcare must have a clean background check to ensure the person is honest, reliable, and trustworthy. 

We use specialized technology to quickly and correctly check a medical candidate’s background in easy and affordable ways. National Crime Search is devoted to the customer. So, if you need any assistance or have any questions, we are always here to help you. 

Find out more about our services and pricing by visiting our Healthcare Screening Services page.

Tenant Screening Services

If you are an experienced landlord, then chances are you’ve had your run of hardships with renting your house or store. The integrity of the individual you enter a contract with is invaluable! This is why we recommend background screening for residential and commercial property managers, owners, and investors. Before signing a tenant lease, you’ll want to know more about their past to ensure they are a good fit for your property.

We offer three tenant packages to help you make confident choices about who you rent or invest in. Learn more about our services and prices by visiting our Tenant Screening Services page.

Employment Background Screening

Employment Background Screening Services

Did you know companies lose thousands of dollars from “bad” hires? It’s not uncommon to catch an employee in a situation of fraud, embezzlement, and theft. Imagine that a person with a criminal history enters your organization. Whether they have resolved their issues or not, they are more likely to engage in fraudulent behavior without a background check

By conducting background screenings, your company will guarantee a safe, productive, and high-functioning workplace.

If you are serious about the safety and well-being of your organization, visit our Employment Screening Services page to learn more about our different packages.

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